Get fit for free in Morayfield

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Our guide to the best ways to burn calories without burning a hole in your wallet

As the weather cools down, it’s the perfect time of year to get yourself moving. Get out and about to warm up, enjoy some fresh air and sunlight and reap the benefits of exercise and fitness.

Here’s our top tips for ensuring you fit into those winter jeans without busting your budget!

Start walking….or even running

Getting fit really can be as simple as lacing up your trainers and heading out for a stroll, power walk or a run – whatever pace takes your fancy!

  • Not only does walking (or running!) get your heart rate up and blood pumping, but it’s free, a great way to meet up with friends and enjoy a chat while you exercise.
  • You can also explore parts of Morayfield that you haven’t yet seen. Plus, you’ll be saving on fuel and cash by leaving the car or bus pass at home!
  • If you enjoy group fitness, check out The Heart Foundation Community Walking Network. As Australia’s largest free community-based walking network, this is a brilliant way to take your first steps to increase your physical activity.
  • Check out their huge range of walking groups in the Morayfield area, including the Morayfield Shopping Centre Walkers, the Lagoon Creek Walkers and the Beachmere Walkers.
  • This handy guide to all the fitness and recreation facilities in the Moreton Bay area, as well as the Healthy and Active Moreton Guide, will inspire you to get out and get moving!
  • There’s also this great guide to Moreton Bay area’s recreational trails. There’s loads of trails in the area for bush walkers, mountain bikers and horse riders, ranging from short leisurely experiences for all fitness levels to more strenuous longer trails for those up for an adventurous challenge!
  • Runners will love jumping onto the Park Run bandwagon. Every Saturday morning you can head to your nearest site to join a free 5km run. There’s a Park Run each week at Central Lakes Drive in Caboolture, or check out their website for other locations and more info.

Outdoor gyms – fun and free!

The Morayfield area has lots of great parks kitted out with fun, stimulating and challenging fitness circuits. Take a walk or jog to your nearest park as a warm up, and enjoy the free facilities.

 Create your own outdoor workout

Prefer to head to your own local park or beach and craft your own workout session, without needing fancy equipment?

  • You’ll find some great outdoor workout routines here and here.
  • With free options like this, why would you pay for an expensive gym membership?

Live life and get active – for free!

The fabulous and free Live Life and Get Active program is getting thousands of Aussies up, out and active every week!

  • Come and join in today – Live Life Get Active is a great way to exercise and make new friends while enjoying our beautiful parks, inhaling fresh air, and having a laugh.
  • Live Life Get Active run a 9:45am class every day Monday to Friday at Aurora Park on Expedition Drive in North Lakes.
  • Classes include X Training, Boxing and Yoga – and it’s all free!

Free personal training by phone

Give Queensland’s Get Healthy program a call! This free and confidential phone coaching service will give you all the info and support you need to make healthy lifestyle changes, including:

  • healthy eating
  • being physically active
  • achieving and maintaining a healthy weight

The service offers up to 10 free coaching calls with a personal health coach for up to 6 months, great info and tips, a coaching journal to write down your goals and actions, as well as great website with tools to help you track your progress.

Give them a call today on 13 HEALTH – 13 43 25 84

 On your bike!

The Morayfield area has some spectacular cycling routes and trails.

Get sporty!

If team sports are more you thing to get your moving and motivated, there’s a huge variety of sports and training options and facilities all over the Midland area.

And for those rainy days….

You don’t have to miss your workout on those days when the sun isn’t shining or you can’t leave the house.

  • Borrow a fitness dvd from the library. You can burn 500 kilojoules doing a 20-minute resistance-training circuit in your lounge room – not to mention the feel-good endorphins you’ll generate!
  • Jump online and jump into one of the gazillions of free workout videos that are available for free, covering everything from gentle exercises to get you started, to full 12-month fitness programs.
  • Try popular sites like YouTube and Vimeo – just search for the type of workout you’re after, and off you go!

So as you can see – there really are no more excuses! There are loads of fun and free ways you can get moving and along the road to fitness, without busting your budget. Get started today!