Woolies customers being milked twice for groceries

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Has your bank account been double-dipped?

As if we don’t pay enough for our groceries already! Many Woolies customers have today discovered they’ve been charged twice for their recent purchases.

Check your bank account. Have you been milked twice?

Data double-dipped

  • Many furious Woolies customers have been left with no money in their accounts after a payment processing error saw them being charged again for purchases they’d already paid for.
  • Understandably, they’re asking why – but have been left high and dry in the meantime, with no cash left in their account.

March madness

  • Adding to the confusion is the fact that the duplicated transactions are from five months ago, in March.
  • Some customers have been left hundreds of dollars out of pocket while they await a refund.

Woolies not to blame – but left red-faced!

  • Woolies have apologised to affected customers, but it seems they’re not actually to blame.
  • The double payment error was actually made by a third party payment processing company named Cuscal.

Payment processing centre error

  • Cuscal are a completely separate company who handle the processing of some electronic payments for Woolies.
  • An error at the Cuscal data centre has seen many transactions duplicated, so the customers have been charged twice.
  • Cuscal have advised that they hope to have all of the errors reversed as quickly as possible, hopefully within 24 hours.
  • Woolies have asked affected customers who have any concerns to phone 1300 767 969.

So, who’s affected?

  • At this stage it looks like the stuff-up affects Woolies customers who bank with ING.
  • The duplicated transactions also relate to purchases that were paid for with an ING Visa card on the 11th, 12th or 13th of March 2017.
  • The double processing error applies to purchases made anywhere across the stores owned by Woolworths. This includes Woolies, BWS, Big W, Dan Murphy’s, and Woolworths Petrol.
  • There’s no confirmation of how many people are affected, but some reports have indicated it could be tens of thousands of shoppers.

Security concerns

  • The stuff-up has left many angry shoppers asking how this could have happened.
  • They want to know why their transaction details are being held on file for months, and how they could have been processed twice.
  • It has many questioning just how safe our details are, in an age where we’re increasingly using cashless payments like EFTPOS, PayWave and Tap and Go.
  • These are certainly important concerns, and questions that need answering.

Check your bank statement

In the meantime, it pays to keep a very close eye on your bank account, to be sure you know who’s getting their hands on your cash.