We're here for you through life's ups and downs, specialising in small loans to keep things manageable.

About Us

As one of Australia’s most experienced names in small cash loans, for over 20 years City Finance have been listening to and helping thousands of Australians just like you with quick, easy access to fast cash.

We understand that life doesn’t always go as planned. Sometimes unexpected surprises mean you need some extra cash, fast. Perhaps you’re hit with a big medical or vet bill, the washing machine breaks down, the car needs servicing, or you just desperately need a holiday. We get it! Whatever the reason, we can help you with a quick cash loan.

We believe everyone deserves a chance

Your friendly City Finance team are here to listen, and to give anyone a go. Whether you’re unemployed, self-employed, a student, are getting by on Centrelink income and welfare payments or have a bad credit history, we believe everyone deserves a helping hand. We have a solid reputation in the industry as a responsible lender. And with over 20 years’ experience, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of Australians when others wouldn’t.

So whatever you need, we can help! Whether it’s a small cash advance loan of a few hundred dollars, a short term loan of up to $2000, a medium term loan of up to $5000, or a larger amount – perhaps for a car or boat, or a business loan – talk to City Finance today.

Fast, flexible loans

Our simple, fast and stress free loan process can be done completely online, or you can pop into your nearest branch for a chat with our friendly team. No banks, no forms, no waiting! Our wealth of experience means we make quick lending decisions, and once your loan is approved you’ll have the funds deposited directly into your account overnight – sometimes sooner. We’ll work with you to tailor a flexible, customised repayment schedule that best suits your needs.

So whatever your needs, your quick cash loan is just a few clicks away. Apply now, and get on with living life the way you want to.

Business Loans

Need access to extra cash to help grow your business? If you haven’t been trading for long or need to seize an opportunity fast, getting support from banks can be tough. At City Finance, we know business moves fast – so we move faster.

We understand first-hand the challenges small businesses face. We can help with a range of fast, easy unsecured and secured business loan options from $5,000 to $50,000 – minus the hassle.

With minimal paperwork required, no financials for loans up to $10,000 and a personal, friendly streamlined application process, we’ll help you to start growing your business today.