5 Apps To Make Your Cash Go Further

Grab your mobile and grab a fast bargain with these handy little money savers

 1Keep track of what’s in your pocket with Pocketbook

Nope, there isn’t a hole in your pocket! Get a grip on your money and work out where all your hard earned cash goes. Pocketbook tracks all of your spending and categorises it into groupings like groceries, clothing and entertainment. Plus, as the only popular personal finance app that gives you the option to synchronize with your Australian bank account, it’ll automatically update so you don’t have to manually tap in each time you spend. Other handy features include pop-up notifications alerting you to when money has come out of your account, helping you keep on top of your cash. Get Pocketbook for iOS or Andriod.

2. Split bills the smart way with Splitwise

We’ve all got that one friend who always seems to go missing when the restaurant bill comes, misses a rent payment here and there and never remembers to pay back that $20 you loaned them. Splitwise will put an end to that – this handy little app neatly lists what you and other people spent, and works out who owes who what. It can also do the nagging for you, and send email IOU reminders! Check it out here on iOS and Android.

3.Grab a bargain with Groupon

This deal-of-the-day recommendation service for savvy shoppers is free to join, with huge savings on just about everything, from restaurants, shopping, entertainment, travel and more. Every day you’ll receive their deal of the day email for your area, offering significant discounts on things that you could have otherwise missed out on. This app version is easy to use and gives you an instant code to redeem, so no need to be near a printer. You can also earn a $10 incentive for referring a deal to friends, so get on board and you could even make some extra cash to grab yourself a few extra bargains! Available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

4. Free calls and messaging? Yes please!

Free calls and free texts to friends no matter where they are in the world…what’s the catch? There isn’t one! Just like WhatsApp, Viber uses WiFi to offer free text messaging and calls, plus Viber also lets you call the mobiles of other Viber users for free. You can also make HD-quality phone and video calls, send photo and video messages worldwide and create group messages with up to 200 participants. Available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

5. Never miss the best price again – become a Shopping Ninja

There’s nothing worse than thinking you’ve nabbed yourself an online bargain, only to find what you’ve bought selling for less on another site afterwards, even when you thought you’d done all your research. Shopping Ninja will get to work for you to stop this happening. This new app provides real-time price comparisons on online electronics including TVs, cameras, computers, fridges and freezers, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, mobile phones and tablets as well as alcohol, with new ranges being added to their service soon. Check it out here, and get shopping!
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