5 secrets for a perfect picnic

Top tips for a cheap, easy and fun family day out

Spring is here, and what better way to celebrate than by getting out and about for a picnic in the warm sunshine. Take the hassle out of packing your picnic with these tips for a fast, easy and cheap day out with the family.

  1. Check the weather
  1. Pick the right location
  • Cater to your group’s needs. Do you need a play space for the kids? Somewhere that’s pet friendly so you can bring the dog? Do you need to be near facilities like bbqs and toilets?
  • Use your local council’s website to find the best parks and picnic spots nearby.
  1. Plan an outdoor friendly menu
  • While it’s lovely to enjoy a bbq with some yummy salads, it can make for a bit of fuss with cooking, serving and balancing your plate in your lap!
  • Stick to a simple, no-fuss menu that’s easy to pack, serve and eat.
  • Think tasty sandwiches, rolls and treats that you can prepare at home beforehand and have packed into a container, ready to grab and eat.
  • Try tasty options like these chicken caesar baguettes, prosciutto and zucchini pies or this impressive yet easy picnic cob loaf.
  • Add a few water bottles, and you’ve a cheap, easy and super tasty meal that will please the whole family!
  1. Pack smart
  • Be kind to both the environment and your budget by skipping the disposable cups, plates and cutlery.
  • Instead, pack a carry bag with some sturdy re-useable plastic plates and cups you have at home, and pop in some of your regular cutlery.
  • Add an esky with some ice to keep your drinks and food chilled, and you’re set!
  • Remember to throw in some clean up supplies. A packet of baby wipes or serviettes, some cling wrap or zip lock bags for any leftovers, and a plastic bag for your rubbish will keep your packing up clean and easy.
  1. Have a contingency plan
  • We all know that even the best laid plans can sometimes go a little pear-shaped.
  • Have a back-up plan – you don’t want your preparation and yummy food to go to waste if your chosen picnic spot is unavailable or if it rains unexpectedly!
  • Know some nearby spots where there’s sheltered picnic tables available.
  • Or if need be, picnic at home – throw your picnic rug out on the back deck or lounge room floor, the kids will love it!