5 top fun, easy and cheap Halloween costume ideas

Halloween fun that won’t frighten your budget!

Halloween is nearly here! This year, think past the traditional spooky and ghoulish costumes. Here’s 5 on-trend DIY Halloween costume ideas that you can whip up in a flash, without busting your budget.

  1. Pokémon

The craze that’s driven us all wild this year – catching Pokémon – is sure to be a hit on the Halloween costume circuit.

  1. Ghostbuster

2016 was the year the chicks reinvented this 80s movie classic.

  • Put your own spin on battling ghouls and dress as a Ghostbuster. You could team up with some mates to form a ghost busting crew, and perhaps have a few little ghosts to tag along with you too!
  • You’ll need: some overalls, sturdy boots and gloves, some elbow pads, swim mask, utility belt, backpack and a hose from a vacuum cleaner.
  • To get the look: Tuck the legs of your overalls into you boots, pop the end of the vacuum hose into the backpack and strut around asking ‘Who you gonna call?’!
  1. Donald Trump

The Presidential hopeful is an easy target when it comes to getting a few laughs for your costume this Halloween.

  • Getting the look is pretty easy – grab a suit from the back of the wardrobe (or head to Vinnie’s to buy a cheap one!), add some orange face paint and slick your hair back!
  • You could also print up a Donald Trump face mask to complete your look!
  1. Emoji

This is a fun and easy one!

  • Use two large sheets of cardboard to create a large front and back version of your favourite emoji.
  • And add some cloth ties to wear it sandwich board style over your regular clothes
  1. Minion

With another Despicable Me movie on the way, everyone’s favourite little madmen will be running all over the place this Halloween.

For some more inspiration and fast, easy costume ideas, check out our spooky DIY Halloween costumes post.

So go get dressed in your Halloween best, and get out and about for some spooky fun this Halloween!