5 ways to buy cheap whitegoods in Newcastle

It’s that moment we all dread – the washing machine shuddering to a stop in the middle of a cycle, or the dishwasher packing it in just after you packed it full of dirty dishes. Or perhaps you’re moving into a new rental home and need to nab yourself a new fridge or dryer. One thing’s for sure – whitegoods are expensive! Here’s a few tips that will help you get your hands on whitegoods in Newcastle, without spending too much of your precious cash.

  1. Get social in Newcastle

  • Facebook isn’t just for uploading family pics and tagging your friends in funny memes (although, that is a load of fun!). It’s also the perfect place to nab yourself a local bargain.
  • Search for the Buy/Swap/Sell and other group pages for the Newcastle area like Newcastle/Lake Macquarie Buy Swap Sell and Newcastle Buy Sell Swap. Many of these groups have a ‘search’ function that lets you enter your keywords, such as ‘fridge’ or ‘washing machine’.
  • Otherwise take a scroll through the posts to see what whitegoods in Newcastle are on offer, or post a shout-out asking if someone nearby has a fridge or washer (or whatever appliance you’re after!) to sell.
  • While you’re at it, you could post a few items you might have to sell, and perhaps make enough cash to cover the cost of your purchase. Smart, eh?
  1. Online savvy

  1. Going, going – gone!

  • Online auctions are another super-smart and cheap way to nab a bargain on a new appliance.
  • Head to ‘Appliances’ on eBay or Grays Online. Select the appliance type you’re after and sort the results to display the listings located closest to you in Newcastle to see what appliances are for sale around your area.
  • Whether you’re after a brand new one or are happy to buy second hand to save a load of cash, there’s bound to be a few options to choose from.
  1. Score on seconds

  • Don’t care if the box is a little beaten up, it’s a discontinued model or there’s a scratch or two on it?
  • You can save some cash on a brand new appliance by buying a factory second.
  • Around Newcastle, head to Hunter Valley Whitegoods in Mayfield to see what deals they have an offer.
  • You’ll nab yourself a brand new appliance that’s still covered by warranty, giving you peace of mind at a bargain price!
  1. Extra special deals on ex rentals

  • If you can’t afford a brand new appliance, consider hunting down a super cheap deal on an ex-rental one.
  • Around Newcastle, try Hunter Sales and Rentals in Cessnock to see if they can do you a deal on an ex-rental appliance.
  • This can be a great way to pick up a fairly new model that might just show a few signs of wear and tear, but save you loads of cash.

Plus – score a big cash discount when you upgrade your fridge or TV

  • NSW residents who have one of the following Centrelink cards can claim a big discount when upgrading their eligible whitegoods in Newcastle:
    • Pensioner Concession Card
    • Health Care Card or Low Income Health Care Card
    • Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card
  • Under this offer from the NSW Government and The Good Guys, you can get 40 – 50% off when you upgrade your fridge or TV for a new more energy efficient model – which means you’ll also save cash on your future electricity bills!
  • Check the website for full details and to see if you’re eligible.

Need some help coming up with the cash?

  • If you’ve been caught out without enough emergency cash to cover the cost of replacing that broken down fridge or washing machine, City Finance can help!
  • We’re always here to help you with access to a quick cash loan anytime you need it.
  • Simply pop in for a chat with our friendly Mayfield branch staff, or give us a call today on 1300 10 10 44.
  • You can also apply online today!