The best ways to save cash when posting that parcel

Have you posted a parcel lately? Sheesh! That’s one way to spend a stack of cash, fast!

Whether it’s a present for a far-away friend’s birthday or returning an item for a refund, posting a parcel sure hits the hip pocket! So we’ve put together a list of ways to prevent you from paying a hefty price for postage.

6 tips and tricks to save parcel postage costs 

  1. Reuse and recycle

  • Paying for packaging can be a significant portion of the price of posting a parcel.
  • Instead, save both the environment and your cash by reusing packaging from parcels you receive.
  • Reuse cardboard envelopes and mailing satchels by sticking a new address label on them.
  • Save bubble wrap for wrapping items that need protection when you post them.
  1. Pack it in tight

  • Minimise the size and weight of your parcel to keep postage costs down.
  • When shopping for a gift that you’ll need to post, consider the weight and bulk.
  • Even a lightweight and only slightly bulky parcel can sometimes cost more in postage than the item itself is worth!
  • Fold items where possible to keep them flat, and use lightweight tissue paper as gift wrapping.
  1. Bulk buy padded envelopes

  • Sure, you can wait until you get to the post office to buy your packaging. But you’re paying a premium price!
  • Save cash on envelopes and packaging by buying these in bulk. Either online or at your local discount shop like KMart or office supplies store.
  1. Bulk buy prepaid parcel satchels

  1. Use other suppliers

  • You can often make some big savings – in both cost and time! – by trying one of Australia Post’s many competitors in the parcel post market.
  • Other parcel providers to try include:
  1. Send it nice and early

  • It pays to be prepared nice and early!
  • You can often save cash on postage if you’re not in a rush for your parcel to reach its recipient.
  • You’ll pay less for a slower and much more economical delivery option. This applies especially to parcels going overseas, which will be a lot cheaper by sea mail.


Free shipping with your online shopping

Whatever you’re buying online, from clothes and cosmetics to electronics and books, you’ll often come across sites offering free shipping.

  • Businesses know that free postage is a huge drawcard that wins them customers. But just how ‘free’ is that ‘free shipping’ deal?
  • The reality is that the cost of shipping your purchase to you is usually built into the price.
  • Online retailers have often negotiated significant shipping discounts with postage suppliers both here and overseas.
  • They then either factor the shipping cost into the price of your item, or pass it onto you at a retail rate.
  • Either way, you can be sure that the retailer is still making a profit out of your purchase.
  • If you then need to return or exchange your item, you’re often left paying hefty return postage costs.

The trick here is to do your research carefully. Compare several sites when buying an item online, and remember to factor the cost of postage into your purchase so you can be sure you’re getting the best deal.


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