Budget Busting Family Winter Activities in Midland

5 cheap and fun ways to enjoy time together

Beat the winter chill and spend some quality family time together, without busting your tight budget. Here’s 5 cheap and fun ways you can get the family moving and have some fun together with these winter activities in Midland.

  1. Go geocaching

  • Geo what? Geocaching brings treasure hunting to life, thanks to the wonder of technology.
  • Using map coordinates and a GPS enabled device such as your smart phone, you search for ‘geocache’ items around the Midland area.
  • These geocache items are hidden in lots of places around the City of Swan, and all around the world!
  • Some are easy to find, and some are hidden well off the beaten track. They can be as small as your fingernail or a large box with exciting ‘treasures’ inside.
  • Start today by selecting one of the many geocaches hidden near Midland.
  • Hunting for geocache treasure can be pretty addictive. Best of all, its free fun that gets you and the family out and about together.
  1. Baking bonanza

  • Get messy together in the kitchen – and have fun eating the results!
  • Baking with the family can be a load of (admittedly messy!) fun.
  • You don’t have to be a Masterchef to bake some yummy treats. Become inspired with some family baking recipe ideas or these 10 simple baking recipes for kids.
  • If you want to go for a professional finish and some fancy decorating, pop in to Matchbox in Midland Gate to check out their great range of cake decorating supplies.
  1. Movie day

  • Now that you’ve baked all those lovely sweet treats, settle in for a movie and enjoy eating them!
  • You don’t need to splash a load of cash at the cinema to enjoy a family movie together.
  • Head to your local Midland library and borrow a few DVDs from their movie collection, for free. You can also watch movies online for free.
  • Then head home, close the curtains and blinds to create that dark cinema experience.
  • Pop some popcorn, grab your homemade snacks and a blanket, and settle in to enjoy the show.
  1. Get moving

Get the family out and about enjoying the great outdoors. There’s loads of free outdoor winter activities in Midland to enjoy.

  1. Bowled over!

  • When it comes to family fun – especially if you have a competitive edge – it’s hard to beat bowling.
  • Beat the winter chill and head indoors for some ten pin bowling fun at AMF Bowling in Morley.
  • Even the toddlers in your family can join in on the action, its family fun for all ages.
  • Keep an eye out for cheap deals online and Shop a Docket offers to make some big cash savings on winter activities in Midland.