Book a budget break this Easter.

Who’s ready for a few days away? Christmas seems like a lifetime ago and the Australia Day holiday is just a hazy memory. Lucky we’ve got Easter coming up then – and that lovely, long 4-day weekend. Here are some suggestions for spending it well – without spending a fortune!

Camping. The great Aussie getaway.

Is there anything more Australian than packing some camping gear in the car and sleeping under the stars for a few days? There’s probably no place on earth with as many beautiful camping spots as we have. So whether you’re dreaming of a bush break or a beach break (or anywhere in between) you can’t go wrong with camping!

Camping gives you a huge range of options – for all levels of experience. Our National Parks offer some of the most affordable sites if you want to go back to nature in stunning surrounds. Each state has its own website for national park camping, so why not check out the NSW, Victoria, Queensland, WA and Tassie sites?

And if you prefer a few home comforts…

There are tonnes of commercial sites that usually have more facilities – like showers, laundries and games rooms. To find one that suits your needs, your best bet is to search Trip Advisor. And even if you’re missing a few bits and pieces, don’t be put off. Just put the word out on social media or check out Gumtree to borrow or buy anything you’re short of.

Join the house-swapping revolution.

If camping isn’t really your thing, another option that’s growing in popularity is house-swapping. You get their home. They get yours. And everyone gets a free holiday! There are some great sites to help you find fellow swappers, like Aussie House Swap, Love Home Swap and Home Exchange. Or why not put the idea out there to friends and family?

How about house sitting?

Another great way to get a change of scene without breaking the bank is house sitting. There’s no shortage of people who prefer their house to be occupied while they’re away – and some of them are in some very pretty places! Check out your options at Aussie House Sitters, House Carers or Mind a Home.

Of course, you don’t even need to leave the house to enjoy the long weekend if you really don’t want to. Why not plan a few day-trips to local parks, museums or beaches, and come back to the comfort of your own bed in the evening!

The main thing to remember is that this 4-day weekend is too good an opportunity to pass up. Make some plans today – and have something egg-stra special to look forward to this Easter!