Budget makeover ideas for rental home

When you are renting your home it can sometimes be hard to give it your own touch. But with some clever cash-saving thinking, you can implement some easily reversible renovations to your rental home.

You don’t need to own your house to make it feel like home

Here’s some cheap, quick and easy improvements that you can make to your rental property, without upsetting your landlord or risking your rental bond.

  1. Windows to the world

  • If your rental home has tired old window coverings, adding some modern blinds or curtains will give your view an instant lift.
  • Go DIY and hit stores like Spotlight or Bunnings to grab ready-made window coverings that are cheap, quick and easy to install.
  • You can then take your blinds or curtains to your new home when you move.
  1. Light up the room

  • It’s quick and easy to lift the look of daggy, dusty old fashioned lighting fixtures.
  • You can pick up modern lights at your local hardware store. Simply screw them in and you’ll give your décor an instant lift.
  • Then swap them back again when you’re moving out!
  1. Give your walls the wow factor

  • Forget spending a load of cash and time painting your interior walls to lift the vibe.
  • Transform the look of your room with eye-catching removable wallpaper.
  • Choose any design that takes your fancy. From wood panelling to the amazing underwater vibes of an aquarium, the options are endless.
  1. Make your floors flawless

  • If your rental home has tired old flooring that is in desperate need of a facelift, do it the DIY way.
  • If your landlord isn’t keen to cover the cost, consider some cheap and easy flooring options that you can install yourself.
  • From click together floating floorboards, to carpet tiles or a new rug, you can have flawless floors in a flash, without blowing your budget. Solutions like these are easy to take with you when you move out.
  1. Savvy storage solutions

  • If your rental home is short on storage space, there’s some quick and easy ways you can solve those storage woes.
  • Cube storage units are cheap and look great. You can grab one of these budget yet brilliant storage solutions anywhere. Try Kmart, Bunnings or check Gumtree for second-hand sellers near you.
  • A freestanding bookcase is another cheap and easy storage option that you can add to any room. They’re quick and easy take with you when you move out.
  1. Quick and easy ways to clean up your kitchen

  • Your rental kitchen might be crying out for a renovation, but here’s a few quick and easy ways you can modernise the look, without splashing too much cash.
    • Decorate daggy old cupboard doors with contact or wallpaper
    • Add a splash of funky colour with some budget bright barstools
    • Distract with decoration! Create a funky and colourful kitchen utensil display
    • Turn your fridge into an art gallery by using magnets to hold eye-catching artworks
    • Go green! Plants are a cheap, quick and easy way to add life and colour to a drab kitchen. And you can take them with you when you move!
  1. Budget ways to boost your rental bathroom

  • Freshen your bathroom in a flash, without busting your budget!
    • Grab some free-standing bathroom storage like a trolley, shelves or drawers
    • Suction storage racks are a cheap, quick and easy way to solve your shower and bathroom storage problems
    • Add accessories like a plant, candle or lamp
    • Cover ugly floor tiles with a fresh and funky bathmat

Remember to make your improvements reversible and removable

  • The trick to making improvements to your rental home is to make your changes cost effective and easily reversible.
  • It’s important to remember that your landlord owns the property. You don’t want to risk your rental bond by making unapproved or irreversible changes.

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