Caring for carers

Looking after those who look after others

Every day, millions of Aussies care for others who need help with everyday tasks and activities. It might be a family member, a loved one, friend or neighbour. Whoever it is you might be a carer for, caring can take its toll and you often need some help and support for yourself too.

Help for carers

The good news is, there’s a new place where carers can access valuable support and services.

  • The Carer Gateway is a new national web and phone service that can help carers with access to practical info and resources.
  • The Carer Gateway also features an interactive service finder that can help connect carers with support services in their local area.

Not sure if you’re a carer?

People can become carers in different ways and for different reasons. You may not even realise that you officially qualify as a carer.

  • If you’re looking after someone who has a chronic illness, a mental health condition, a physical or intellectual disability or drug or alcohol addiction, you may be a carer.
  • You can read some helpful info here that helps you to understand if you are a carer, or a young carer.

What help and support is available for carers?

If you are a carer, you may be able to access a range of services and support, including:

Are you a carer in need of help and support?

Phone the Carer Gateway on 1800 422 737 between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday.

Or use their online service to be put in touch with the right advice, services and support for you.