Cheap car repairers and dealers in Sydney CBD

Save big bucks buying and servicing your car

Whether you’re after a new car or need yours serviced or repaired, here’s some top tips for finding big discounts on a cheap car in Sydney CBD.

Finding a cheap car in Sydney CBD

Going, going, gone!

  • Using Sydney’s car auctions will help you find a great deal on a used car.
  • There’s some good bargains to be had, but be sure to keep your cool and do your homework first.
  • Know the true value of the make and model you’re bidding on. Consider attending a few auctions as an observer before you try bidding.
  • This way you’ll be less intimidated by the often frenzied environment, and can stay firm on sticking to your maximum price when bidding.
  • Head to Sydney’s Manheim Auto Auctions at Moorebank or Smithfield.

Go private

  • Another way to save some big cash on buying your new cheap car in Sydney is to through a private sale.
  • Skip the fancy overhead costs of buying through a used car dealer. Head online for private car sale listings around Sydney CBD on sites like Trading PostGumtree or Car Sales.
  • By narrowing your search to cars for sale privately around the Sydney CBD region, you’ll save time and money and make it easy for you to go and see the car you’re interested in.
  • It’s also often a good idea to have a pre-purchase inspection done, so you can rest assured there’s no significant issues with your potential new car.
  • Contact the NRMA who can conduct a mobile pre-purchase inspection near you in Sydney to give you peace of mind.

Savings on servicing and repairs

Go online for great discounts

Ask the Guru

  • Auto Guru is a great online service that lets you compare car service, inspection and repair costs from over 1600 mechanics all around Australia.
  • Their network includes businesses all around Newtown, Redfern, Marrickville and Bondi.
  • A range of providers around Sydney CBD can hand out quotes. This will give you peace of mind of knowing what it’ll cost upfront.
  • There’s often some great discount coupons and deals on offer too.

Skip dealer servicing – it’s a myth!

  • Lucky enough to have a brand new car? Don’t be fooled into believing that it must be serviced through the dealership to keep your manufacturer’s warranty intact.
  • Use our tips above to shop around for the best servicing deal and stick with a trusted mechanic.
  • Use them to ensure your car is serviced and the log book completed in line with the schedule and specifications in your owner’s manual or warranty logbook.
  • Parts don’t have to be genuine to keep the warranty intact, but ask for an itemised account for all work done. That way, if there’s ever a problem with the parts used, the repairer or part manufacturer will be responsible.