Cheap Christmas holiday ideas

Chances are you’re limping towards the end of the year and dying for a holiday. But when you’re on a low income and money is tight, coming up with the cash for a holiday is tough!

The good news is that with a little ‘out of the box’ thinking, you can have an amazing family getaway on a super-tight budget.

Whether you’re unemployed, a student, on Centrelink benefits or earning a low income, we have some great hints and tips to help you plan a great, cheap summer holiday.

  1. The great outdoors

Camping is the ultimate easy and cheap summer holiday. Relax and enjoy getting back to nature, with almost not a cent to spend.

  • Not sure where to go? Here’s a handy guide to some great camping spots in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, and Western Australia.
  • You don’t have to have a heap of expensive camping gear – put the word out to family and friends and you should be able to arrange a loan of all the basics.
  • A tent, some sleeping mats and bags, a camp stove and esky – and you’re set!
  1. House swap

A holiday is all about a relaxing change of scene. So why not holiday at someone else’s home, and let them holiday at yours? This way both of you get a free holiday!

  1. Housesitting

If a house swap doesn’t sound like your thing, you could always try a short term housesitting stint instead.

  • What could be better than free accommodation? Choose your preferred destination, and holiday at someone else’s home for free!
  • Check out sites like Aussie House Sitters or Mind a Home.
  1. Holiday at home

Save yourself time and cash and skip the travel. Why not explore close to home instead?

  • It can be so much fun to ‘play tourist’ in your own hometown and explore the local sights through fresh, relaxed, holidaying eyes!
  • Save a stack of cash and stay put in your own home, but think and act like tourists for a few days.
  • Let family and friends know you’re going ‘off the grid’ for a few days and have a great time getting out and about.
  • Visit your local visitor information centre or Google your neighborhood for ideas and activities you wouldn’t normally do.
  • See your everyday surrounds though fresh eyes and get that relaxed holiday feel for free!
  1. Still want a resort or hotel stay?

There are loads of websites specialising in discounted hotels and holiday apartments.

  • Try Wotif, Last Minute, Expedia and Trivago.
  • While you can occasionally get a fabulously cheap last minute deal, it’s generally cheapest to buy early and avoid peak travel times.
  • Save by going self-contained. If you’re booking accommodation, look for something that has a kitchen so they can prepare at least some of their meals to cut down on the added costs of eating out.

Need a fast cash loan for a holiday?

  • If you need access to quick, easy cash to take a much needed cheap summer holiday, City Finance can help.
  • Apply online today, or pop into your local branch for a chat with our friendly staff. We’re here to help!