Cool off in Midland this summer

Summer is coming! It’s the perfect time to get out and about around Midland this summer for some free fun in the sunshine. Here’s our top tips for the best budget friendly ways to beat the heat around Midland this summer.

Splash on in

  • If you have a pool at home – lucky you! You have the perfect spot to laze away those hot sunny days without splashing your cash away.
  • Add a bit of fun and magic to your dip with a few cheap pool toys.
  • Head to Kmart in Midland to check out their range – who doesn’t want a unicorn or flamingo to float around in?
  • If you haven’t got a pool – Kmart can fix that for you!
  • You can get yourself a pool for less than $50, and have it set up and ready to dive in on in around 10 minutes.

Make it rain!

  • If a pool isn’t your thing, why not take a walk down memory lane to the good old days of the backyard sprinkler?
  • Grab yourself a sprinkler from Bunnings in Midland or Ellenbrook for less than $7.
  • Hook it up to the backyard hose and the whole family can have a blast running through the sprinkler shower.
  • Your lawn will thank you too!

Pop into the pool

Cool down and unwind indoors

Hit the park – the water park, that is!

  • When the great outdoors comes calling again, why not pack a picnic and hit the park.
  • Woodbridge Riverside Park is a great spot for a summertime picnic. The kids will love the fabulous play space that includes sand, nature and water play.
  • There’s a great water play area for the kids to splash about and cool down in.
  • Fill up the Esky with fruit, drinks and snacks from the supermarket to keep your day out on budget by coming prepared with cheap snacks.
  • This will prevent having to buy expensive food and drinks and save you a stack of precious cash.

Follow the rainbow

  • The Rainbow Waters Playground opposite the library in Ellenbrook is another top spot to splash in and cool down.
  • This award winning waterpark has 15 interactive water features which include fountains, bubble jets and spray guns.
  • And best of all – it’s free!

And of course – stay sun safe

  • Don’t ruin your fun in the sun with a nasty case of sunburn.
  • Stock up on sunscreen and remember to Slip, Slop, Slap!

Follow these top tips to celebrate the sunshine in Midland, without overheating your budget this summer.

Need some extra summertime cash, fast?

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