Simple ways to save cash at the supermarket

When you’re on a low income because you’re a student, unemployed, or on Centrelink benefits, you’re always looking for ways to save cash. Your grocery bill is a great place to start, as it can eat up a lot of your weekly budget. We’ve put together some tips on how to cut your grocery bill in half.


Here’s two quick and easy ways to save big at the supermarket

  • We’re always on the lookout for ways that you can save cash at the supermarket.
  • New research from the Queensland Consumer Association proves that you can cut your grocery spending in half!
  • The trick is to use two quick and easy options that are already right there on the shelf.


Slash your grocery bill in half

  • Recent consumer research surveyed the total price of buying 32 common household grocery items.
  • The research included everyday items like breakfast cereal, pasta and baked beans, and fresh foods like chicken, fruit and vegies.
  • The survey managed to slash the total grocery bill for these items from $140.60 down to just $70.55.
  • Making this massive 50% cash saving is quick and easy. Simply use unit pricing, and stick to buying home brands.


Trick 1: Using unit pricing

  • When buying any item in the supermarket, the ticket on the shelf usually has some handy information for savvy shoppers looking to save cash.
  • As well as displaying the item’s price, the price ticket in most supermarkets reveals the unit price. This unit pricing looks at how much you’re paying per kilogram or per litre.
  • It lets you see how much say 100g or 100mL of a product is costing you between brands and in various package sizes.
  • This unit price lets you look past the confusing range of packaging sizes and brands to be sure that you’re getting the cheapest deal.


Trick 2: Buy home brands

  • Grocery companies love to influence our purchasing decisions with fancy branding and advertising.
  • These clever tactics encourage us to reach for the more familiar names when buying groceries.
  • These well-known brand names are almost always more expensive.
  • Don’t get sucked in! You can save a stack of cash by instead choosing a supermarket’s home brand items.


Laying down to law to see big cash savings for supermarket shoppers

  • Now that they’ve proven just how big the potential cash savings are, the Queensland Consumers Association are pushing for unit pricing rules to be expanded.
  • They’d like to see the rules extended to cover all smaller supermarkets too, and include other types of stores such as your local chemist or hardware store.


Save big bucks on your next grocery shop

Try it for yourself! Use these two quick and easy grocery shopping hacks to see how much cash you can slash from your next supermarket shop.

Want to save more cash?