Guide to cycling in Midland

On your bike!

Whether you like to take a leisurely weekend cycle with the family, use your bike to get around town daily, or are a serious cyclist with a passion for long rides, Midland has a lot to offer cyclists.

Benefits of cycling

Jumping on your bike has loads of benefits, including

  • building fitness and strength
  • saving you cash on vehicle, fuel and registration expenses
  • getting you out of the traffic
  • letting you enjoy and take in your gorgeous surrounds
  • quiet, pollution free and kind to the environment

Planning your cycle around Midland

To make the most of using your bike to get around time, it’s important to take the time to plan your ride before you set out.

Get social with your cycling

Stay safe

It’s a good idea to learn how to do safety checks and maintenance on your own bike.

  • Get in touch with Bicycling Western Australia, who sometimes run bike maintenance workshops. Or chat to your local bike shop about upcoming courses.
  • And to be sure you know how to ride smart and keep yourself safe, check this guide to road rules for cyclists.

Keen to take your cycling to another level?

If cycling is a passion that you’re keen to share with like-minded mates, then get in touch with a local cycling club.

  • Get in touch with the Midland Cycle Club.
  • Fun community clubs like this one offer quality training, run club championships and race events, social events and much more.
  • So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, they can help you take your cycling to the next level.

Why not become a member?

  • If you’re keen to formalise your membership of the cycling fraternity, then think about joining Bicycling Western Australia.
  • You’ll get access to some great cycling events, insurance cover and legal advice, discounts and more.


So go on – jump on your bike, and get riding!