Easter baskets to make and create

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10 fun, quick and easy DIY projects for the kids

Easter means hunting eggs. Lots of them! So the kids will need something to store all of those chocolatey delights in!

Get the kids ready for the fun of the Easter egg hunt by having them create their own basket.

  1. Quick, easy and free
  1. Egg-sactly what they need

What else to store eggs in, but an egg carton!

  • Oh-so-simple – just save up your emptied egg cartons.
  • The kids can have fun adding their own pizazz with some textas and stickers.
  1. An egg-stravaganza!
  • We love this crafty creation which features an old plastic tub adorned with lots of wooden sticks.
  • Add some coloured stickers and ribbon to give it some flair.
  1. Rice bubble bowl
  • Here’s a fun twist – moulding rice bubbles mixed with melted white chocolate into a bowl shape to form an edible Easter basket. Yum!
  1. Mossy garden fun
  1. Tin can? Can do!
  • Take an empty tin can and add your own sparkle to create a beautiful mini Easter basket.
  1. Chocolate on chocolate
  • Something tells us this completely edible chocolate Easter basket will be eaten before it’s even finished – but the kids will sure have fun making it!
  1. Let it rain eggs!
  1. Sweet and petite
  1. Feathered fun