Eight great Easter craft ideas to share with the kids

Ask any kid and they’ll tell you – Easter is all about the egg hunt! But how exactly are they supposed to carry all those chocolate goodies without an Easter basket to put them in? Well, fortunately, help is at hand. There are loads of different ways to make your own basket this Easter – and here are a few of our favourites.

  1. Find a template you’ll love online

Have you seen how many free templates there are online for Easter baskets? Hundreds! It’s as if Pinterest was invented just for this. So why not check out some of your options, hit print when you find one you like – and start getting creative!

  1. Give an old carton a new lease of life.

It’s obvious when you think about it! Egg cartons only have one job – to carry and protect eggs. So why not convert an old carton into a dazzling Easter basket by colouring it in, decorating it, and attaching a handle. Perfect for little eggs!

  1. Learn from a craft expert.

If you’re not a craft natural, you may need a little creative inspiration. So check out this website to see how one Mum used pencils, jumbo craft sticks and stencils to turn a cheap plastic container into a stunning Easter basket.

  1. How about an edible Easter basket?

If the kids have any room left after they’ve eaten their Easter eggs, they can make a start on this edible Easter basket. Made from Rice Krispies and mini marshmallows, it’s a stunning (and seriously tasty) table decoration.

  1. A basket made from moss.

You heard right! This is one of the most unique and innovative Easter basket ideas we’ve seen, and uses garden moss, peat pots and shredded packaging to make a basket with a difference. Perfect for any outdoor Easter hunt.

  1. The things you can do with a watering can.

Have you got an old watering can in the yard? Then turn in into an Easter basket. You could paint it, decorate it, or even cover it in felt. There’s no limit to what you can do – except your imagination. Check out these ideas for inspiration.

  1. Turn your basket into a feathered friend.

Is there anything cuter than an Easter basket dressed up as an Easter chick? Course not! Best of all, you can create one of your own with a trip to the hardware store and craft shop. This crafty Mum shows you how.

  1. A miniature basket for teeny-tiny eggs.

Sometimes less is more. And this cute little Easter basket – made from just three ingredients – is perfect for carrying mini eggs or jelly beans. Best of all, it’s ultra-quick to make, so even if you’re short of time, you can still create something fab!

Whichever Easter basket you decide to make, we hope your kids love it. Easter is a really special time for families and craft activities are a great way to do something creative – and fun – together.