Easter dinner on a budget

Cheap, cheerful – and topped off with lots of chocolate!

Take the stress and hassle out of your Easter entertaining by choosing recipes that are cheap, easy and guaranteed to please.

These budget-friendly recipes will keep your cash on track, and your guests happy!

To start

  • Kick things off with these warm and tempting pesto and parmesan twists. Quick, easy and cheap to make, but oh-so-tasty!
  • Reinvent the tried and trusted cob loaf dip by putting an Easter spin on things. Add some sweet chilli smoked salmon to serve this easy chilli smoked salmon cob dip.

Moving onto mains

And then there’s everyone’s favourite – dessert!

The ultimate comfort food

Sensational centrepiece

  • Don’t spend a fortune at the bakery on a fancy creation. Make your own!
  • This speckled Easter cake is super impressive, and tastes even better! Get the kids to help you and enjoy some family time creating it together.

Tempting and tasty