Easy Easter entertaining for a crowd

Food that’s guaranteed to please your guests and your budget

The Easter long weekend is all about lazing about with friends and family.

If you’re hosting a meal at your place, keep your stress levels and budget in check by sticking to simple, hearty dishes that are easy to share.

Here’s some yummy Easter recipes that are quick, easy and cheap to prepare

Simple seafood

It’s often all about fish at Easter, especially on Good Friday, when Christians traditionally don’t eat meat.

  • Fill up hungry little tummies with this quick and easy tuna pasta bake. The kids will love it!
  • And the big kids will love tucking into these tasty fish kebabs. Fire up the bbq and they’ll be ready in a flash!
  • Who doesn’t love a good burger? Everyone will enjoy these easy and fresh fish burgers.

Simple and easy sides

Top up your Easter buffet with a few simple side dishes and salads.

It’s all about the dessert buffet!

No matter how tempting or tasty your main meal is, we all know that Easter is all about dessert!

  • Guaranteed to pull a crowd is this scrumptious no-bake Easter egg marshmallow slice.
  • No-one will be able to resist this layered biscuit, marshmallow, and chocolate creation.
  • Cupcake, anyone?
  • With chocolate upon chocolate, these gorgeous choctella cupcakes will hit the sweet spot!
  • Pull a rabbit out of your hat with this magical chocolate cake.
  • Fudgy on the bottom, mousse in the middle and crispy on top – you won’t be able to decide which layer you enjoy most!
  • And how about some cookies to enjoy with a cuppa after your meal?
  • This festive and moreish Easter cookies taste even better than they look and a great for sharing with the family.