Paying more for less

It’s not just your imagination. Many of your favourite products are getting smaller. Your favourite foods are shrinking – but the price isn’t!

Shrink-flation shame

  • It’s been dubbed ‘shrink-flation’, and it’s fast becoming an epidemic!
  • Many grocery companies are hoping we’ll cover any increases to their costs and help to boost their profits.
  • They’re silently shrinking the contents of their products, without making any reduction in the price.

So, who’s guilty?

Chocoholic’s nightmare

  • Our favourite chocolate blocks and bars are some of the worst offenders.
  • Cadbury are constantly changing the size of their family chocolate blocks. These are now just 200gms, down from 250gms in 2009.
  • That ‘Mars a day’ isn’t as big as it used to be either. Mars Bars were recently shrunk from 60gm down to 53gm, without a cut in price. They tried to tell us the drop in size was for our own health. Hehe!

Frugal froggies

  • Cadburys were at it again a while back, when they shrunk the Freddo Frog from 15gm down to just 12gm each.
  • You guessed it – the price stayed the same.

Bikkies gone bad

  • The Aussie institution that is the Tim Tam has been trying to pull the wool over our eyes for a while with this one.
  • In a move that many of us are onto, the number of these tasty treats per pack varies between varieties. But you still pay just as much for the smaller packs.
  • For the best value, stick to the traditional Tim Tam in milk or dark chocolate and you’ll get 11 bikkies per pack.
  • But buy any of the other flavours, and you’re likely to only get 9 bikkies for the same price.

Arnotts has us up in arms

  • Tiny Teddies hit the news recently, for getting pretty tiny.
  • Arnotts sneakily dropped 2 bags out of their multipack of 10, cutting it down to 8 packs with no cut to the price.
  • Same goes for your favourite Shapes bikkies, which also took the hit and dropped for a 10-pack to an 8-pack, with no drop in price there either.

All scream for ice cream

  • Magnum had ice cream lovers screaming for more ice cream when they shrunk the size to try and accommodate increased production costs.
  • Streets sneakily melted 10mL off your Magnum, without dropping the price.

Pringles – once you pop, you can’t stop….or can you?

  • Last year consumer group Choice ousted Pringles for shrinking the size of their tube, and their chips!
  • While they did drop the price by 10c, by also reducing the size of the chips the actual unit cost per 100gm increased.
  • To add insult to injury – the fat content also increased by 60%!


Others caught chipping away at our chip packets

  • Smith’s Chips have also been known to take a few bites out of our chip packets. They were caught out reducing the size of their crinkle cut chips from 175gm to 170gm. Sure, that might only amount to 3 chips – but when they’re yours, those 3 count, right?
  • Some Smiths Chips flavours only have 150gm in the packet, at the same price. (We’re looking at you, Bega cheese and Heinz tomato sauce flavours!)
  • Red Rock Deli took an even bigger chunk out of their pack sizes a while back, dropping the 185gm packet down to 165gm.
  • Corn chip brands are guilty too. In 2010 a share bag of Doritos was 200gm. Their pack size has now been chopped down to 170gm.


Don’t get caught out!

  • While there’s little you can do to stop the grocery companies shrinking their product sizes, you can vote with your cash – by not spending it on their stuff!
  • Boycott brands who shrink their packets without giving you a cash saving.
  • Using the unit pricing you’ll find on most supermarket shelves is the best way to ensure that you’re getting the best value for your grocery dollar.