Fruit and vegie prices about to go bananas

Cyclone Debbie is also set to wreak havoc on your grocery bill

Tropical Cyclone Debbie left a trail of destruction when she whipped through North Queensland earlier this week.

And while the extent and cost of the damage is still be assessed, there’s one impact shoppers all around Australia can unfortunately be assured of.

Fruit and vegetable prices are likely to rise, hitting Aussie families and their budgets hard.

Crops wiped out

  • Farmers are still surveying the mess, but it’s clear that crops in the Bowen region have copped the full force of Cyclone Debbie.
  • Known as Australia’s fruit bowl, the area produces about 95% of our country’s tomatoes and capsicums.
  • North Queensland is known for yummy tropical fruits and sugarcane production.

What fruit and vegies are affected?

  • Among the other fruit and vegetable crops that are grown in the Bowen region are:
    • tomatoes
    • capsicums
    • rockmelons
    • avocadoes
    • passionfruit
    • beans
    • corn
    • pumpkins
    • eggplant
    • cucumber
  • Cyclone Debbie’s impact on the area means that our supply of fruit and vegies like these will be hit hard.
  • And when there’s less supply, prices go up!

How much will prices rise?

  • Produce wholesalers are already predicting that prices will rise by at least 50 or 60%.
  • It’s estimated that we’ll soon be paying more than $10 a kilo for tomatoes.

Farmers have lost more than their crops

  • Along with seeing much of their crops wiped out, many farmers have been hit by damage to their infrastructure.
  • Farm equipment like machinery, sheds, fences, silos will need repairing or replacement.
  • Damage to roads and transport means it will cost a lot more for farmers to get their remaining crops to market.

Farmers hit hard

  • The timing couldn’t be worse for Aussie farmers, who’ve spent the last few months getting their crops ready for their peak season.
  • During our winter months, the Bowen region supplies almost the whole country with their fruit and vegies.
  • So while Aussie shoppers will face increased costs, the impact on farmers will be devastating.

We need to support Aussie farmers

  • In the wake of Cyclone Debbie, we’ll all need to be mindful of the fact that our fruit and vegies are going to cost us a little more.
  • It’s important to keep an eye on grocery bills, and not overspend on other non-essential items.
  • But we need to support Aussie farmers, who will need our help to recover from the storms.
  • Let’s all continue to buy Aussie fruit and vegies, so that our farmers can sell the small portion of their crops that have survived.