Get spooky with DIY Halloween costumes

 Fast and fun ways to dress up and celebrate this Halloween without the frightening cost!

Halloween is nearly here! But there’s no need to panic and start running for the fancy dress shop for expensive costumes. Save your cash for stocking up on treats for all of those trick-or-treaters, and follow our tips for some quick and easy costumes you can make at home.

Calling all monsters and ghouls, princes, princesses and fairytale creatures! You can have fun with the kids and make some great costumes using things you have around the house (think toilet paper or duct tape), you can borrow from the dress-up boxes of friends and family, and head to your local discount shop for some cheap and easy props. With a little creativity and our handy guide, you can create some spooktacular looks in less than no time!

Some quick and easy scary costume ideas

  1. Mummy

You’ll need: Toilet paper. Lots of it!

Instructions: Wrap yourself from head to toe in toilet paper – and then remember to avoid using the bathroom or getting wet!

  1. Zombie

You’ll need: Old clothes you’re happy to trash – jeans and a shirt or a dress will do – the more ‘normal’ looking, the better. Hairspray, white face paint, black eyeliner, baby powder, and make some fake blood by combining 1 cup corn syrup, 1-2 tablespoons of chocolate syrup and 1-2 tablespoons of red food coloring.

Instructions: Partially rip or tear the clothes, and muddy them up. Tease your hair and apply white face paint, baby powder and eye liner to get a ghoulish look. Add some dribbles of fake blood here and there, practice your zombie walk and you’re ready to go spooking!

  1. Zombie Bride

You’ll need: As above, but instead of regular clothes go for a white dress and grab some white tulle from the fabric shop to make yourself a veil.

Instructions: Also as above – and perhaps add a bouquet of dead flowers to complete the look!

  1. Dracula

You’ll need: Dark coloured pants, jacket and shoes with a white shirt, a cape, some fangs (try your local discount store for a plastic pair), white face paint and black eyeliner.

Instructions: Flip up your collar, paint your face white and apply lots of dark eyeliner. Slick your hair back to complete the look.

  1. Ghost

You’ll need: A white sheet and some scissors

Instructions: It doesn’t get much simpler than this one! Cut out holes for your head and eyes, and you’re done!

Just want a little scary touch?

Make these easy peasy Monster Masks – all you need are some paper plates, textas, some string and creativity!

Or your little one will go batty for these bat wings – quick and easy, you can whip them up in no time!

Scary costumes not your thing?

Halloween doesn’t have to be all about spooks and ghouls – anything goes! Raid your kid’s wardrobe or dress up box and go for trusty outfit favourites like a pirate, princess, super hero or sports star, Or why not go with a movie, TV or book character theme  – think Harry Potter, Cat in the Hat or the Paper Bag Princess. You’ll find some great ideas and inspiration here.

Or what about Where’s Wally? With some jeans, a red and white striped shirt and beanie and some cheap classes from your dress-up box or local bargain store, you’ll be playing Where’s Wally in no time!

So go get dressed in your Halloween best, and get out and about for some spooky fun this Halloween!