Getting the best deal on car insurance

Make sure your car doesn’t guzzle all your cash

If you’ve got wheels that you rely on to get you around town, then you’ll want car insurance. But exactly what level of insurance you want depends on a few factors.

Here’s our guide to car insurance types, and to getting the best deal


Compulsory third party insurance (also known as a green slip) covers the cost associated with personal injury or death if your car is involved in an accident where someone is hurt.

  • If your car is registered, then you already have CTP cover. You just need to renew it each year, together with your rego.
  • In NSW and Queensland you can purchase CTP from a range of providers, and it pays to shop around. There’s a few to choose from in the ACT.
  • Elsewhere around Australia, CTP is provided by just one government insurer.
  • Be aware that CTP only covers personal injury costs – not any property.

Third party property

  • This covers the cost of damage your car might cause to other vehicles and property.
  • It’s a great option for when your own car isn’t really worth insuring. It protects you from a big repair bill to other people’s property.

Third party property, theft and fire

  • This includes the benefits of third party property cover, as well as your own car if it’s stolen or burnt. 


  • As the name suggests, comprehensive cover provides full cover for the value of your car.
  • Of course, that also makes it the most expensive.
  • If you couldn’t manage without or replace your car if something happened to it – then you should consider comprehensive cover.

Getting the best deal

Play with your excess

  • Reduce your premium by selecting a higher excess.
  • This one is a bit of a gamble. If you do end up needing to make a claim you’ll pay a higher excess.
  • But if you drive carefully and manage to keep your car out of trouble, your gamble should pay off, and you’ll have saved cash with a cheaper premium.

Beware of the lazy tax!

  • While your insurer may have given you cheap deal to win your business last year, it pays to check your renewal carefully. Last year’s savings are often added on to this year’s premium.
  • Shop around! Ask other insurers for a quote – often they’ll offer hefty discounts to win your business.

Look for loyalty discounts

If you do stay with the same insurer, ask for a loyalty discount.

Make sure you’re rewarded

  • If you haven’t made an insurance claim before, make sure you get a no claim bonus or discount. This can save you as much as 70%.
  • If you’ve got other policies with your insurer, such as home contents, then ask for a multi-policy discount.

Discounts due

There’s also a few ways to score discounts on your premium.

  • You might make a big saving by nominating only specific drivers or those over a certain age.
  • If your car has a features like an alarm or engine immobiliser you can also get premium discounts.
  • Other discounts may apply for pensioners or drivers who’ve completed a skilled driver’s course.

Use price comparison websites

Want more info?

For more info on how you can save on your car insurance, check out this great video guide from CHOICE: