Hump day meals the kids will love

6 budget-busting quick and easy go-to meals

You probably started the week with the best of intentions. Perhaps you even took the time to get crafty and creative with dinner on Monday and Tuesday evenings. But now we’re dragging our heels into Wednesday, good old ‘Hump Day’….you’re tired and your motivation is lacking.

Well, ta-da! We’ve put together a few quick, easy and budget-friendly dinner ideas the kids will love so much they might even help make them (or at least clear up afterwards!).

Chicken and avocado quesadillas

  • Que what? Fans of Mexican food will know these, but whether you do or you don’t – everyone will love them!
  • As easy as popping some toppings on tortillas and toasting them in the sandwich press. Ole!

Tandoori lamb patties with yoghurt sauce

  • Basically these are fancy rissoles. Dead easy and guaranteed to please!
  • Add some pappadams – you can microwave these in less than a minute – and watch dinner disappear!

Chickpea curry and rice

  • Curry in a hurry! A simple, tasty and nutritious vegetarian dish that will delight.
  • A good one to also microwave a batch of pappadams for to add a little crunch.

And as tempting as take-away may be – trust us, these options will not only be tastier, but they’re better for your budget!

Homemade pizzas

  • Who doesn’t love pizza – especially ones so easy the kids can make them themselves?
  • Grab a packet of pita or Lebanese breads and a selection of toppings, and let everyone prepare their own. 15 minutes later you’ll have yummy fresh pizzas on the table.

Fried rice

  • Tweak a recipe like this one to use what you already have at home. Best way ever to use up your leftovers – you’re only limited by your imagination here.
  • Shred up some bbq chicken or ham, throw in whatever vegies you have or use tinned or frozen varieties, and adjust the chilli and spices to suit your family’s preferences.

Beef burgers

  • Don’t pay hefty take-away prices – these cheap and cheerful homemade burgers will be 100 times better (and cheaper!).
  • Use your own rissole recipe or follow this one as a guide – add some rolls and whatever salad and burger toppings you and the family enjoy, and tuck in!

So, what’s on the menu tonight at your place?