Important changes to Centrelink’s income tests for parents

About to have a baby, or do you have an older child?

Centrelink are making changes to the way they assess parents for income support payments.

Having a baby soon?

If you receive Parental Leave Pay or Dad and Partner Pay after your baby arrives, Centrelink will now count this as income.

  • Unfortunately this means that any other income support payments Centrelink may offer you or your partner will be reduced.
  • It could even mean you don’t qualify for other Centrelink support payments at all.
  • This change only applies if your baby is born or adopted on or after 1st October 2016. If your baby was born before this date, the changes won’t apply to you.
  • You won’t need to tell Centrelink about your income from Parental Leave Pay or Dad and Partner Pay when you apply for other income support payments. They’ll take them into account automatically and let you know if you qualify for any other payments.

You can read more about this change here. 

Or do you have an older student?

Perhaps you have you an older child who’s receiving Youth Allowance, or an ABSTUDY Living Allowance.

If so, be sure to take a moment to provide Centrelink with your updated income details. If you don’t do this on time, their payments will stop.

  • If Centrelink need updated income details from you, they will soon send you a letter in the next week or two.
  • Use the one-time access code in this letter, or login to your online Centrelink account through MyGov.
  • Either way, be sure to provide Centrelink with the income information they need.
  • You’ll need to do this even if you’ve done it recently for another child or other payments you receive.
  • This year Centrelink also need information about any maintenance income payments you receive.

Just remember – you need to update your income details with Centrelink by the due date, or your child’s payments will stop.

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