Kids birthday party ideas on a budget

Kids birthday party ideas on a budget

Throw the party of the year without breaking the bank

Everyone deserves to be spoiled on their birthday! But birthdays don’t have to break the bank.


Here are 10 quick and easy ways to throw an awesome birthday party on a tight budget


  1. Year on, year off!

  • You don’t have to throw your child a party every year. Many families use a system of having a party every second year.
  • Perhaps on the year they’re not having a party, your child can celebrate by choosing the menu for a home cooked dinner with the family.
  • They could have one friend join them for a movie or sleepover – free, and fun!


  1. Go old school

  • Who says you need to spend a fortune at a party venue? Keep it simple.
  • Sure, it’s lovely if someone else runs the party, supplies the food and cleans up all the mess. But that service comes at a hefty price!
  • Save hundreds of dollars on a venue and host a free, good old-fashioned kids’ party in your backyard or at your local park.


  1. Free fun and entertainment


  1. A select few

  • You don’t have to invite the whole class.
  • Reduce costs, mess and hassle, and put a low limit on the number of guests.
  • Ask your child to choose their favourite three or four friends, and have a fuss-free and fun time.


  1. Cheap and cheerful cake

  • Don’t pay a bakery or speciality cake maker hundreds of dollars for a fancy cake!
  • Keep it simple. If you enjoy baking, try your hand at one of the famous creations from the Australian Women’s Weekly kid’s birthday cakes book.
  • Otherwise, a quick packet mix or cake from your local supermarket will cut it!


  1. DIY decorations

  • Save cash – and keep the kids busy with some crafty party prep!
  • The kid will love getting crafty making some DIY party decorations such as these gorgeous paper starbursts.


  1. Time it right

  • Hold your party at morning or afternoon tea time. This removes the expense and fuss of supplying a full lunch or dinner.
  • Keep your catering simple. Create a few snack platters and provide a drink each.
  • Along with the birthday cake, this will be more than enough food. Done!


  1. Pass on the party bags

  • You’ve fed and entertained your child’s friends for a few hours. Why send them home with even more lollies?
  • Ditch the party bags. They just add cost and a whole heap of sugar the kids don’t need.


  1. Pull in the reins on presents

  • It’s not just your own child’s birthday that puts a strain on your budget. Invitations to their friend’s parties mean you’re often having to dip into your tight budget to buy pressies for other children.
  • Put a spending limit on birthday presents. Perhaps discuss with a few trusted friends to get an idea of what seems to be the norm, and decide if this suits your circumstances.


  1. Free treats for Mum or Dad


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