Lambie tells her story to support struggling single mums

Finally, a politician who gets it and tells it like it is

It’s an all-too familiar tale to many struggling single parents around Australia. Struggling to find the cash for bread and milk, to buy a new family fridge, football boots for your kids or to put petrol in the car.

Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has revealed how she experienced these and many other heart breaking struggles during her years as a single mum living on Centrelink benefits.

Lambie goes in to bat for the battlers

  • Last night the government were debating controversial changes which will freeze Family Tax Benefit payment amounts for two years.
  • These payment freezes could result in Aussie families losing hundreds of dollars a year.
  • And Lambie isn’t happy about it.

‘You have no idea!’

  • Speaking out against the proposal, which was eventually passed, Lambie told her fellow politicians that they had ‘no idea how bloody tough it is’.
  • Sharing her struggles as a single mum without enough cash to get by, she explained how hard it is ‘to be at the bottom of the crap pile through no fault of your own’.

Anger over constant cuts to welfare

  • Lambie expressed her anger at the government’s constant cuts and freezes on benefit payments, calling them ‘shameful’.
  • “If you really realised the damage you are continually doing to that part of society you would stop doing it”, Lambie told her fellow politicians.
  • Despite the heated debate and Lambie’s pleas for the government to reconsider, the bill was eventually passed.
  • Lambie has accused One Nation’s Pauline Hanson of doing “dirty deal” with the government, as she agreed to support the changes.

We understand how tough it can be

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