Do you live in a ‘dole-bludging’ hotspot?

The suburbs Centrelink have in their sights

Centrelink have announced the top 10 hotspots around Australia where they say so called ‘dole-bludgers’ are deliberately ‘rorting the system’. They say almost 50,000 Aussies are no-shows at job interviews each year, yet they still collect their benefit payments.

Welfare recipients failing to show up

  • The Department of Human Services have announced a crackdown on people they say are flouting the rules.
  • They’ve published a list of the ten worst-offending areas for welfare recipients who fail to turn up at their required interviews and appointments.
  • But critics argue that Centrelink may be ignoring some significant factors and issues in these areas which are creating the high ‘no show’ rates.
  • They say that instead of embarrassing welfare recipients in these areas, Centrelink should consider the issues and try to help people overcome them.

The top 10 hot spots

Here’s Centrelink’s list of the top ten areas where welfare payment recipients miss their job interviews and their work for the dole appointments:

  1. Caboolture, QLD
  2. Blacktown, NSW
  3. Mildura, VIC
  4. Frankston, VIC
  5. Deception Bay, QLD
  6. Werribee, VIC
  7. St Albans, VIC
  8. Dubbo, NSW
  9. Auburn, NSW
  10. Dandenong, VIC

Crack down on ‘dole bludgers’

  • The government have their sights set on welfare recipients in these areas.
  • They’re proposing new laws which will target so-called ‘dole bludgers’ and cut off their welfare payments if they miss their job interviews.
  • A new demerit point system will punish welfare payment recipients who fail to turn up at interviews and work for the dole appointments.
  • The proposed move would save Centrelink $632 million over five years.

Suburbs shamed

  • Centrelink say that they’re not trying to embarrass welfare recipients who live in these hotspots. They argue they’re simply stating the facts.
  • But many Centrelink customers in these areas feel they’re being unfairly targeted.

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