Live music in Logan

Where to kick back and enjoy some tunes

Whether you’re young or old, into heavy metal, jazz or house beats – everyone loves music. And there’s nothing better than enjoying your tunes live and soaking up that feel-good vibe. When you are restricted to a tight budget or a low income can put expensive concert tickets out of reach. Fortunately, there’s plenty of other ways to enjoy live music around Logan.

Here’s where you can enjoy live music around Logan

Get your live music fix for nix

  • Check out the Visit Logan website which has some great listings for upcoming live music performances, including free events at Logan Art Gallery and Middle Green.
  • The Logan Diggers Services Club has free live music every Friday and Saturday night from 9pm. Head on down and take in some tunes for free!
  • If you’re heading to Brisbane, check out the gigs in the City Sounds program.
  • Free gigs are held in Brisbane’s Queen Street Mall, Post Office Square and South Bank, covering a wide range of genres, so every music lover will be satisfied!

The pub scene

Jazzy vibes

  • If it’s jazz that makes your heart sing, then head for the bright lights of Brisbane Jazz Club.
  • This not-for-profit venue hosts quality live jazz performances every Thursday to Sunday.
  • Tickets are at budget prices, making this a top spot to get your groove on when cash is tight.

Karaoke crack-up

  • Bring a few laughs to your live music experience by also creating it yourself!
  • Karaoke is always a fun night out with mates. Whether you’re brave enough to take to the stage or prefer the role of adoring (or horrified!) fan, the live music laughs are guaranteed.
  • Head to the Logan Village Hotel every Friday night from 8pm to grab the mic and become a rock star!

The big gigs

  • Sure, you might need to stretch your budget a little (or perhaps a lot!), but sometimes a big name comes along and you’ve just gotta find a way to be there.
  • Around the Logan area, you’ll catch the big names performing at Logan Entertainment Centre or the Brisbane Entertainment Centre.
  • Try your luck on some discounted last minute tickets. Head to Lasttix to check out what cheap tickets are on offer around the Logan and Brisbane area.
  • But be warned about buying dodgy tickets online. If the ticket you purchase from an unauthorised seller isn’t genuine, you’re likely to be refused admission to the gig. You’re essentially throwing your cold hard cash down the drain!

With plenty of free and cheap options to get into the groove, hit the town and enjoy some live music around Logan today!