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Quick and easy cash loans from $500 up to $5000

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At City Finance, we offer fast, flexible cash loans to suit your needs. We understand that you need simplicity and flexibility, and we offer bigger loan amounts and smaller repayments than payday lenders. We’ll work together with you to devise a loan and repayments that work for you.

Our quick online video shows just how easy it is to apply!

Your local City Finance team offer cash loans of $500 up to $5000 that are simple, fast and easy. Applying is a breeze and you can chose whatever way suits you best – online, by phone, or in store at your local branch.

Our streamlined online application process takes the hassle out of applying for a quick cash loan. Simply complete our online form, add your photo id and bank details, and one of our friendly team will give you a call within a few hours.

We’re a responsible, compassionate lender, and our wealth of experience means we make quick lending decisions. Once approved, you’ll have your cash within hours.

City Finance can help you with a fast cash loan

So whatever your need, if you need help getting a little extra cash together, apply online today, give us a call on 1300 34 34 62, or just pop in and visit our friendly staff at your local branch for a chat.