Make delicious meals out of leftovers

Save cash and time with these tempting and tasty treats

Waste not, want not – right?

  • Living by this mantra can save you a lot more than just big bucks.
  • You’ll also save a load of time and money. No more rushing off to the shops to get dinner sorted (and spending precious extra cash on impulse purchases!)
  • All you need to do is get creative with what you already have lurking in the fridge and in your pantry!

The allure of meals out of leftovers

  • About $25 out of every $100 spent on groceries typically ends up in the bin.
  • Don’t throw your money into the bin! With a little imagination, you can turn today’s leftover meat or veggies into an amazing, tasty and cheap meal.
  • Whether it’s a breakfast frittata, a hearty lunch or a delicious dinner – the sky’s the limit.

Healthy habits

  • Repurposing those leftovers will not only save you money and keep your grocery budget healthy, it’s good for your health too.
  • It’s a great way to get extra protein and veggies into your diet – and into the kids!

Kids lunchbox ideas that are guaranteed to please

The good old vegemite sandwich doesn’t always cut it.

  • For lunches that will make your kids the envy of the playground, get creative with meals out of leftovers!
  • Got some leftover meat and some salad? Grab a packet of tortillas and make some tasty wraps or quesadillas.
  • Chicken wings or drumsticks are a perfect sandwich replacement. Pop a few leftovers in their lunch and watch them disappear!
  • Bacon on special? Buy a few extra rashers and upgrade their sandwich to a BLT.
  • Carton of eggs sitting idle? Boil a few for the perfect high protein lunchbox snack.

So, what’s leftover in your fridge?

Got some roast chicken?

Too much rice?

  • Leftover rice is a great way to bulk out meatballs for one of many filling and hearty meals out of leftovers.

Those last few slices of bread

Fancy tea cake, anyone?

  • Trim the crusts off a few slices of white bread and lay them in a tray before spreading with butter and cream and topping with a few more bread slices. Top those with strawberry jam and cream, and repeat the layers using up your bread. Before you know it you’ve created a delicious strawberry and cream sponge cake – yum!

Leftover veggies

  • Grab all of those unused veggies – think onions, carrots, corn cobs, capsicum – whatever!
  • Throw them into a pot with some vegetable stock and either tomato paste or some tinned tomatoes, and you’ve got a healthy, hearty minestrone soup!

Celebrity chef inspo

So before you throw tonight’s leftovers in the bin – stop and think. How much money could you be saving off your weekly grocery shop by getting creative in the kitchen?