Make Your Rental Application A Winner!

Competition for rental properties can be tough – here’s how to come out on top!

The rental market in Australia is hot right now, and it can be pretty brutal out there. Showing up to a rental inspection along with fifty other people can be pretty intimidating, not to mention competitive. You need to ensure you put your best foot forward when looking for your new home, so do your homework. Remember, that Property Manager is trying to choose between you and another application – and they might have their bond, first month’s rent and a list of perfect references! Here’s how you can come out on top and nab your new home.

Get your application organised beforehand so you’re ready to go

Don’t wait until you find the perfect home before getting everything ready for your rental application – you could lose precious time and find someone has nabbed it before you! Before you go to that open for inspection, prepare copies of:-

  • your photo identification
  • any references you might have from past landlords
  • financial statements and recent payslips
  • references for any pets you have
  • the rental ledger from your current or previous home – this is a big plus, as it clearly demonstrates your reliability as a paying tenant
  • a completed application form – visit the Agent’s website or office to get this beforehand
  • write a friendly cover letter, personalised with the Property Manager and the property’s details
  • and don’t forget your housemates! Even if they’re not able to attend the open for inspection with you, you all need to apply together, so get all of the above sorted for them too, and collate it all together.

Pop this all into a folder you can hand straight to the Property Manager – who’ll likely be blown away by how organised you are!

Save time – apply online!

Before attending the open for inspection, another great idea is to check out if the agent offering the property uses the online application system. This nifty service saves you from having to fill out your application details over and over again, and you can use the mobile site to apply on the spot while you’re still at the inspection! Sending your applications online also means you can manage them on the go from any device.

Be on time

Sure, this is a general courtesy rule that you can apply to most situations in life. But for the Property Manager, holding an open house is quite stressful and they usually do so solo and for multiple properties each day – so they’re very busy at each appointment. If you’re ready and waiting when they arrive, it’ll help make a good impression, and one that just might help them remember you when the time comes to choose a tenant.

Dress to impress!

You don’t have to wear a suit – but it is important to look presentable. It shows you’re keen to secure the property and that you’re taking the application process seriously. If you show up looking like you mean business, you could increase your chances of success.

Turn on the charm – be reasonable and pleasant

If you’re the only people applying to live in the property, then you could have a little extra power to ask for repairs to the property or a reduction in rent. However, if you’re up against another dozen people who are also applying, it’s important to realise that you’re not in a position to bargain or be demanding. Being pleasant rather than pushy can put you in the good graces of the agent, and make all the difference when they’re selecting the successful tenant.

Follow up

If you’ve submitted an application and you haven’t heard anything 2 days later, drop the agent a follow up phone call or email. Let them know you’re very interested in the property and that you’re happy to provide any additional information or references they might need. Who knows – they may well be trying to decide between your application and another, and receiving a pleasant message from you might just bump you to the top of their list.

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