Preparing for an inspection of your rental property

One of the biggest hassles with renting (apart from having to pay rent, that is!) is the regular inspection by your property manager.

You want to make sure you pass your rental property inspection with flying colours to get your lease renewed and keep your bond and rental reputation intact.

But don’t stress – having to keep your home looking ship-shape doesn’t need to be a chore.

Here’s 6 tips for preparing your rental property for an inspection

  1. Prep early

  • Know when an inspection is due and make note of the date. Ask your agent if you’re not sure. Then start your preparations early so you have plenty of time.
  • Clean the kitchen one day, and sweep out the garage the next.
  • It’s much easier to tackle your cleaning in progressive bits and pieces, rather than having to spend an entire weekend desperately scrubbing away.
  1. Be a clean freak!

  • If you’re hoping to stay on in the place, you don’t want to give the property manager any issues to seize on.
  • Clean everything as thoroughly as you can. It’s in your interests to have the place looking as spick and span as possible. Don’t forget the garden or balcony if you have one.
  • Impressing your property manager and landlord with an immaculate looking property is a sure-fire way to ensure they keep you on as a tenant.
  1. Repair any damage

  • Hopefully it goes without saying, but if you’ve caused any damage around the place, get it fixed pronto before inspection day.
  • Treat any stains on the carpet and patch up any dings in walls and doors.
  1. Make a list

  • Your clean-up is the perfect time to make a note of any issues around the place.
  • When it comes to any maintenance issues that are the owner’s responsibility, a rental inspection is your opportunity to draw them to the attention of the property manager, and ask to have them fixed.
  1. Give your pets a day out

  • The last thing you want is your furry friend getting freaked out during the inspection.
  • Save them the stress of dealing with strangers, and avoid extra scrutiny.
  • Keep your pets out of your property manager’s way. Have them hang out at a friend’s place for the day.
  1. Keep your cool

  • You don’t have to stress out over a routine rental inspection.
  • They’re simply your property manager ticking a box for the landlord and confirming that their property is being looked after.
  • If you’ve got everything looking nice and clean and have repaired any damage you’ve caused, there’s no need to freak out.
  • Just make sure you’re home at the agreed time, or that your property manager can gain access. Then relax!

Need some cash for a new rental property?

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