Quick cash for Christmas

Fast and easy ways to get your hands on a few extra bucks

Christmas is coming, fast. And while it’s supposed to be a fun and happy time, it’s expensive! No doubt that familiar feeling of dread has started in the pit of your stomach and you’re wondering – how can I make some fast cash for Christmas?

Here’s 7 ways you can make some quick cash for Christmas!

  1. Apps that pay you cash

Instead of costing you money, your smartphone can actually help make you some cash!

  • There’s a bunch of apps out there that will pay you in cash and other rewards. Try some of these today!
    • Rewardable is free and pays you to complete simple tasks in your local area
    • Gigwalk pays users like you to do quick jobs nearby
    • iPoll pays you for your opinion
  1. Sell your old stuff

Turn those clothes, books, DVDs, furniture and anything else you no longer need into quick cash for Christmas instead!

  • Any designer brand clothes and accessories are particularly treasured by online bargain hunters.
  • Snap pics of your stuff and list it for sale on sites like Gumtree and eBay. Then watch the cash roll in!
  1. Get paid for saying what you think

Yep, you really can!

  1. Rent your car for cash!

If your car spends a lot of time in the driveway – use it to make you fast cash for Christmas!

  • Sites like Car Next Door and Drive My Car can help you rent your car to other drivers.
  • So instead of it sitting idle or costing you money, loan your car to others and turn it into quick cash for Christmas!
  1. Open a new account for a cash bonus

The banks are so keen to get your business that they’ll pay you a cash bonus for it!

  • Offers and bonuses are always changing, but sites like Finder do a great wrap up of the deals currently on offer.
  • Just be sure that any new account you consider opening doesn’t have any fees and charges.
  1. Cash back on your shopping

Earn cash back on the stuff you already buy!

  1. Cash for scanning your groceries

Get paid to reveal the groceries you buy.

  • Register to become a Neilscan panel member, and if chosen you’ll earn rewards for telling them about everything you buy.
  • You can then use your rewards to grab great gifts and vouchers – saving you cash on the stuff you need!

Go on – get started today, and make some quick cash in time for Christmas!