Save cash on your groceries!

Get them for free! Here’s how to sign up

So, you’re a supermarket bargain hunter? Then chances are you’re already familiar with Aldi. You know you can save a load of cash on your groceries by buying their in-house brands and turning your back on the Coles and Woolies wars.

But did you know that Aldi also offer free groceries to specially chosen customers?

Free groceries from Aldi? Yes please!

Sign me up, we here you say?  Well here’s the deal.

  • Introducing the Aldi Testers Club. Lucky members receive packages of groceries for free!
  • In return, Aldi ask for your feedback on the products they give you.
  • Not only are you getting groceries for free, but you’ll also be influencing Aldi’s product development and range.
  • So you save cash on your groceries, plus you’ll get to see more of the products you want in Aldi stores.

Here’s how to get on board

What’s the catch?

Well other than sharing your feedback on the free stuff – there isn’t one!

  • As a member you’ll be sent a free package of products every few months.
  • All you have to do in return is try them out and give your feedback on at least half of them.
  • And if for any reason you find free groceries aren’t for you (what the?! As if!) – you can opt out of the club at any time.

What’s in it for Aldi?

  • Obviously Aldi hope you’ll enjoy the free products they send you – although they want your feedback to be honest!
  • They hope that you’ll not only do more of your supermarket shopping at Aldi, but that you’ll also spread the word to family and friends.
  • And by getting product feedback from real customers like you, Aldi will be listening to their market.

Get your free groceries – apply now!

  • Anyone can apply!
  • Click here to apply to join the Aldi Testers Club
  • But hurry – applications close on Monday 27th February 2017.