Cash Hacks- How to save on your next holiday

Travelling the globe is no longer a luxury activity for the rich and fabulous. These days, an overseas adventure can be affordable for anyone with epic deals out there for flights, accommodation, packages and cheap travel insurance. Here are some great ways on how to steal a bargain and save on your next holiday!

Before you leave

  • Start saving early.There’s no better time than the present to start saving money for the holidays. No matter when you start saving, think about opening a holiday savings account that you can deposit money into all year. That way, you’ll have money saved for when you’re ready to start your holiday shopping. You’ll also earn interest on the account.
  • Be the first to know. Sign up to e-newsletters and Facebook pages and you’ll be on the spot when airlines, accommodation providers and entertainment venues offer special deals.
  • Plan to Travel at cheaper times: The price of flights varies considerably depending on the month, day and even time of travel.
  • Travel off peak: Much of Europe still has beautiful weather come September, but with kids back at school, flights will be cheaper and your destination a lot less crowded.
  • Save on Flights: Mix and match your airlines to find the cheapest price, and the times that suit you best. You can save money by flying out and back with different airlines or from different airports. Clear your cache before buying plane tickets online. Sometimes, your computer stores the old quote, so you won’t be aware if prices have dropped: they fluctuate frequently.
  • Keep an eye on the exchange rate: don’t leave this part until the last minute as the foreign currency market is always fluctuating, be ready to exchange your cash at any time
  • Prepare for add-on costs: If you’re getting a campervan, for instance, fuel will be more expensive away from cities and staying in caravan parks will cost you.
  • Save on Travel Insurance: Taking out an annual multi-trip travel insurance policy is cheaper than buying on the spot insurance for a single trip.


When you get there

  • Bargain and haggle: in the travel industry you can pretty much bargain for anything from meals to accommodation to sightseeing tours. So, don’t be afraid to speak up and ask for a better deal.
  • Avoid unnecessary frills: Do you really need inflight alcohol? Do you actually want to buy those souvenirs from the overpriced gift shop? It’s the little extras that add up so make sure you stick to your budget
  • Walk everywhere: Not only will you save money on fares, it’s a great way to keep active and allows you to explore and discover more about the city you’re in as opposed to when you’re sitting on a bus or a train
  • Keep an eye on your mobile usage: Make the most of free wifi and be sure to know about any hidden overseas costs or charges that your provider has put in their fine print.
  • Swap your house: If you live in a major city, and are willing to open your house up to strangers why not try websites such as
  • Eat like a local (street food!): Not only will you be immersing yourself in the authenticity and culture of your destination but you will also save way more than if you eat at restaurants for every meal
  • Get the Extras: Trawl listings on; find a hotel room with a kitchenette; or find a caravan park or hostel with a communal kitchen. Or keep an eye out for deals at resorts that let kids stay and eat free.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask: Save on holiday gear such as luggage, surfboards or camping equipment by borrowing or hiring rather than buying your own.