Dodging rental discrimination

Tips to help secure your new rental property

Almost a third of Aussies rent the home they live in. In fact, the number of us who rent is on the rise every year. And as anyone who’s recently been in the market for a new rental property knows, it’s tough out there!

Demand for decent rental properties is high, and landlords are being spoiled for choice. They’re getting pretty picky about finding what they consider to be the perfect tenant.


Rental discrimination on the rise

  • Many prospective tenants are finding they’re being turned away almost as soon as they arrive at an open for inspection.
  • Property managers are careful not to come out and say it, but it’s pretty clear that in many instances, rental applicants aren’t being given a fair chance.


What landlords are looking for

  • In short – it’s almost impossible to know.
  • Some property owners are fine with pets but think that your teenage kids are going to throw wild parties.
  • Others don’t care that you don’t have a full-time job, as long as you have a strong rental history.
  • And some landlords won’t consider single parents, no matter how stable your income and rental history are.


How to avoid discrimination

  • Unfortunately, everyone is likely to get some knock-backs when applying for rental properties.
  • But there are several ways you can get the jump on your competition when applying for your next rental property.


  1. Look the part.

    • It’s human nature to judge on appearance. Be neat, tidy and well presented. Arrive on time and be polite and candid.
  2. Supply references.

    • These are especially effective coming from people such as real estate agents.
  • Ask your referees to highlight things such as your positive rental history, prompt rental payments, stable income and careful maintenance of the property.
  • A statement of employment and other documents that evidence your income can also be really helpful.
  1. Prepare a CV for your pets.

    • Include a photo and detail your pet’s breed, age, training, and include references from past property managers and neighbours.
  2. Have your paperwork in order.

    • Don’t lose time rummaging around for the required supporting documents when preparing your rental application. Have copies with you when attending open for inspection visits so you’re ready to go.



Rights for renters

For some great tips on your rights when renting, check out these 10 rental rights you didn’t know about.


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