Simple salads even guys can make

Cheap, easy and light meals anyone can make in a flash

As the weather heats up, you often need a meal that is quick and easy yet filling – and most importantly doesn’t involve turning the oven on. Enter the salad.

No longer just a simple lettuce and tomato affair, these days salads have been reinvented as yummy, filling and tempting bowls full of surprises, that anyone – even guys, ha! – can make.

Here’s a few of our favourite simple yet filling salads

Quick and easy cous cous

  • Cooking doesn’t get simpler than cous cous.
  • Fast and filling, it’s as easy as pouring a cup of hot stock into a bowl with a cup of cous cous, and leaving it to soak for 5 minutes. Voila!
  • Add your toppings, and dinner is done in no time.
  • Try this yummy warm chicken and cous cous salad.
  • And if you enjoyed that one, you’ll also love this spicy cous cous salad.

Power salad that packs a punch

  • This Edamame power salad ticks a lot of boxes – it’s vegan, gluten free and packed with protein.
  • But most of all – it’s really yummy! You can enjoy it warm or cold.
  • If you prefer, feel free to substitute edamame (which are young green soybeans) with broad beans, which you can buy in the frozen vegies section of the supermarket.

Mexican mania

  • Salads don’t have to be boring! Add a little theme – it’ll also add to the appeal if you’re cooking for kids too. And who doesn’t love Mexican?!
  • Try this easy Mexican salad with beans, corn and tomatoes. Add some corn chips or tortillas on the side – dinner is done!
  • Or if you’d like to add a little beef and ramp things up a little, try this tasty Mexican beef salad. Ole!

Or go Vietnamese

Pesto pasta, pronto!

  • Yep, don’t forget that salad can include carbs like pasta! Pasta salad is still a salad – right?
  • Try this tuna pasta salad with rocket pesto – it’s a good one to whip up ahead of time and keep in the fridge to enjoy cold.
  • Add a few handfuls of rocket leaves to green it up!
  • A cheat’s trick for those short on time is to skip making your own pesto, and grab a jar from the supermarket instead.

So, what’s on the menu tonight at your place?