Slow cooker budget meals for your family for under $5

Simple slow cooker budget meals

Feed the family for $5? Pffffft. We can hear your shouts of “As if!” from here. But slow cooker budget meals just got a makeover by thrifty Queensland Mum Paulene Christie. All you’ve gotta do to make it happen is take it slow. Real slow!

Slow Cooker Queen budget meal ideas

  • The newly-crowned Slow Cooker Queen is here to prove that feeding a family on a tight budget is a challenge that you can conquer!
  • Most of us struggle to come up with budget-friendly, tasty meals without having to spend hours in the kitchen.
  • But Paulene and her secret weapon can show you how easy it can be.
  • All you need is a slow cooker and you’ve got these slow cooker budget meals sorted!

Not just for casseroles

  • Many of us make the mistake of thinking that a slow cooker can do little more than a stew or casserole.
  • But Paulene insists that your slow cooker can be used all year round and for any type of meal, from breakfast right through to lunch and dinner.

A meal in five minutes, for just $5!

  • Recently appearing on Channel 9’s A Current Affair, Paulene, the Slow Cooker Queen showed us just how easy – and cheap! – slow cooker budget meals can be.
  • She whipped up many of her favourites, including her $5 brekkie wraps – a tasty way to start the day and featuring parmesan, mushrooms and eggs, in just five minutes!

Breakfast and lunch boxes made easy

Budget slow cooker meals and super easy baking

Budget benefits

  • Keep your cooking on budget by using cheaper cuts of meat like chuck and blade steak.
  • This is only one of their many advantages, according to Paulene.
  • A slow cooker is a massive time saver that can make busy family evenings easier as dinner is already taken care of.

Grab a slow cooker and get on board the slow train!

If you haven’t got a slow cooker, you can grab one for just $20 at discount stores like Kmart, then try any of these slow cooker budget meals.

Slow cooking superstar

  • For more tasty slow cooker budget meals that will tempt your tastebuds without busting your budget, check out Pauline’s recipes and tips at Slow Cooker Central.
  • And don’t miss the handy Slow Cooker Central App.Access fabulous and budget-friendly meal ideas when you’re on the go or doing the supermarket shopping.

Get slow and get social

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