Smart savings on back-to-school costs

Tips for preparing for the new school year

The new school year is here, and with it comes the cost of all those back-to-school essentials. When your budget has just been hit by Christmas and the summer holidays, it can be hard coming up with the cash for school supplies.


Save on school costs

There are a few smart ways you can save cash on your back to school preparations.


Reuse and recycle

  • You know the saying – if it ain’t broke, why fix it?
  • Save a stack of cash and time by taking stock of what the kids already have.
  • If their uniforms still fit and they have a plentiful supply of pens, pencils and stationery left over from last year – keep using them!
  • Only buy the few items that they still need. There’s no need to waste time and money buying everything new.


Wearing the cost

  • Uniforms can big the biggest back to school expense. The good news is, there are some quick and easy ways to save.
  • Embrace hand-me-downs! Whether it’s from your own older children, or friends in your school community, second-hand uniforms are your budget’s best friend.
  • Many schools have a second-hand uniform shop. Others have a Facebook group where families can list second-hand uniforms for sale, or even better – for free!
  • Wash and wear to make smart savings. Commit to doing the laundry more often, and you can get away with buying fewer items.
  • Spread the cost out – wait until the cooler weather before buying winter uniforms.


Fast feet on the cheap

  • Don’t pay full price for school shoes! Look for retailers offering big discounts, or ask yours to price match.
  • If you have a few children and are buying multiple pairs of school shoes, ask for a discount deal.
  • Remember, in today’s competitive climate almost everything is negotiable!


Make sure it comes home again

  • Kids are notorious for losing things. Label. Label. Label. Everything!
  • From school shoes to pens, lunch boxes to hats – clearly label every item with your child’s name.
  • There’s nothing more frustrating than paying good money for things only to have them go missing in the first term.


Sanity Saver

  • As well as saving cash, you’ll want to spare your sanity. Don’t get caught in the last minute back to school rush.
  • Leaving your shopping until the last minute likely means the ‘must have’ items will be sold out, or only available in speciality stores at a premium price.
  • Do your back-to-school shopping early.
  • Save big bucks by keeping an eye out for supermarket specials on essentials like stationery, contact and lunch boxes.

Need help with back-to-school costs?

  • The cost of uniforms, stationery, technology devices, school fees and excursions all adds up really fast!
  • If you need a fast cash loan to help out with your back-to-school preparations, City Finance can help.
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