Stop hoarding and start making cash     

Sell your unwanted goods

If you’re at home right now, take a little look around you. How much of the ‘stuff’ in your home do you actually use? Why not starting making cash?

Aussies hoarding billions

Recent research revealed that Aussie homes are hoarding a staggering $40 billion – yep, billion! – in unwanted household goods. Chances are, you’re one of the culprits.

Start making cash by selling your stuff!

  • “But I need it all”, we hear you say. Think again.
  • Dig a little deeper. Got a few old bikes in the garage? A pile of toys the kids have outgrown? Books you’ve read and DVDs you no longer watch? How about that sofa bed in the spare room that never gets used?
  • We all have items we no longer need – why not turn them into cash?

Here’s how to turn your unwanted items into big bucks

  • You know the saying – ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’.
  • You won’t believe how much cash others will pay for your unwanted stuff!

Where to sell

  • Get online! Buy and sell sites like Gumtree, the Trading Post, and eBay are the quickest and easiest way to trade your stuff for cash.
    • It’s free to list your items for sale on Gumtree, and you don’t have to give them a cut of the profits.
    • The Trading Post charge you a fee for your listing – but they do offer a guarantee. If you don’t sell your item in 4 weeks, you get your cash back.
    • eBay will charge you a listing fee as well as a cut of your sale price. But it’s a very popular and safe platform that lets you reach buyers from all around the world.

Get social

  • Search Facebook for ‘buy/swap/sell’ groups near you. These are a great and free way to connect you with local buyers for a fuss-free transaction.

Auction it!

  • Check out Quicksales – this online auction site lets you buy or sell pretty much anything, from books and toys to cars and boats – for free.
  • Or check out the Carousell app – snap and upload a photo of your stuff and sell it in an instant!

Ring ring – cash calling!

  • Most of us have an old phone or device wasting away in a drawer. Swap it for cash!
  • Head to Boomerang Buyback to sell your unwanted electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, laptops, and game consoles.
  • Tell them what you’ve got and they’ll tell you what they’ll pay you for it! They even wipe your data for you and cover the cost of posting it to them.

Metal mania

  • Don’t overlook any old appliances you might have lying around.
  • Got an old fridge in the garage, or a broken washing machine?
  • Don’t leave these gathering dust and rust – search online for your local metal recyclers. They often pay big bucks for metals like these.

So go on – sort through your old stuff now, and start making cash!