Top tips to plan and recover from the storm season

Our warm tropical weather usually brings more than our fair share of storms. Not only are storms dangerous, but the aftermath of storm damage can be expensive!

Here’s some quick, easy and budget friendly ways you can guard your home against storms, and how to recover if you are hit with some expensive storm damage.

8 top tips to guard against and recover from storm damage

Firstly, you need to prepare your home before a storm hits. This can help ensure reduced damage and avoid expensive repair bills.

  1. Keep clear

  • Check your garden or balcony and store away any items like outdoor furniture and kids toys that could blow around in strong winds.
  1. Drain away

  • Prevent the drains from becoming blocked by regularly cleaning out your gutters, down pipes and drains. Move pot plants away from drainage grates.
  1. Trim and tidy

  • Lop any overhanging or dangerous branches on trees and large shrubs around your garden.
  • Contact your local council if you’re unsure about what you’re allowed to trim yourself, and always hire a professional for any high or dangerous tree trimming. It’s not worth the risk!
  1. Review your roof

  • Check your home’s roof for loose tiles or sheets. These can be real hazards in severe storms, and are very expensive to repair if you leave it too late.
  1. Ensure you’re insured

  • Home and contents insurance can be very expensive, but it’s often an expense worth coming up with the cash for. Expensive repairs and replacements will be covered if you are hit by a serious storm.
  1. Plan your exit

  • It’s a good idea to make a Home Emergency Plan so that you know what you would do in an emergency like a severe storm.
  1. Organise your kit

  • Prepare a home emergency kit with essential items like a torch, first aid kit and drinking water, in case you lose power or need to leave home suddenly in an emergency.
  1. Remember your furry friends

  • If you have pets, make sure you consider their safety in a storm.
  • Know what you will do with your pet during a storm, and if you have to evacuate.

Recovering from the storm

  • If your home is hit by a storm, be sure to stay safe and follow the advice of emergency authorities.
  • Stay clear of waterways, drains, fallen trees, power lines and any damaged buildings, and please don’t go sightseeing around storm affected areas.
  • Check your home for any damage.

Love thy neighbour

  • A bit of neighbourly cooperation goes a long way and can be a real life-saver in storm situations.
  • Work with your neighbours to clear any storm hazards. Help keep an eye out for one another’s safety during a storm.
  • Have your neighbour’s contact details so that you can update each other on your whereabouts and safety in the event of a storm.

Cleaning up

Need some fast cash to recover from storm damage?

  • It’s always a good idea to build an emergency savings fund so that you have a little extra cash when you’re hit by one of life’s little surprises.
  • If you’ve been caught in a storm and need quick and easy access to some fast cash for repairs, City Finance can help.
  • Just pop in and visit our friendly staff at your local City Finance branch for a chat, or apply online now!