Tattoo regret

Think before you ink, or it could cost you big bucks!

Many of us have some pretty cool tattoos that we love. And it’s important that you do love them, as they’re there forever.

But there’s also many of us who have some ink we regret. Think that ex’s name on your bicep, or the Southern Cross on your shoulder that’s starting to look a little tired.

The good news is, a tattoo is no longer forever. The bad news is, getting rid of one will cost you some big bucks.

Ink is everywhere

  • One in five Aussies have a tattoo – or several tattoos.
  • And more women than men have tattoos, with almost a quarter of Aussie women sporting some ink.
  • This makes the tattoo and piercing industry worth big bucks in Australia – around $160 million a year. That’s a lot of ink!

Not all of it is successful

  • But not everyone with a tattoo is happy about it. Very often, the regret about a tattoo starts to set in before the ink is even dry on your new work of art.
  • Tattoo regret is on the rise, thanks in part to the growth of tattoo removal technologies and businesses.
  • Stats show that more than a quarter of Aussies who have a tattoo regret getting it done.
  • And 15% of inked Aussies have started the tattoo removal process, or at least looking into it.

Trends change over time

  • Many people who are looking into tattoo removal aren’t against the idea of getting more tattoos. They’ve just gone off the design or look they chose.
  • With tattoos so in fashion, a lot of people still love the idea of having one. But many do say they wish they’d given their design a lot more thought before getting inked.

Saying bye-bye costs big bucks

  • While the growth of the tattoo removal industry means you can always get your ink erased – it’s not as simple as it sounds.
  • Removing a tattoo is not cheap, quick or easy. It can take up to 25 treatments up cost up to $5000!
  • While it can cost less to remove a small tattoo – around $1000 – you need to be careful who you choose to do this delicate work.
  • Reports of untrained and dodgy operators are on the rise. So while you might save a few bucks on having discount tattoo removal, the damage and scarring you could end up with might be a lot worse than the original tattoo.

If you’re considering tattoo removal, be sure you do your homework and investigate the operators first.