Cash Hacks- How to save when dining out!

It has become way too easy to splash the cash on food and drinks. Australia’s top ten money wasters including restaurant dinners, takeaway coffees, weekend brunch and buying lunch at work. So why not try cutting back on your fancy foods! Not only will you save money but the health benefits are fantastic too! Cutting down on alcohol, caffeine and takeaways will lead to better quality sleep, more energy, lower stress and anxiety levels and weight loss.

Here are  some great tips on how to cut down and save!

  • Cutting out a $4 coffee five times a week would save you $1040 a year! If you can’t live without caffeine, replacing it with a tin of Nescafe Blend 43 will only set you back about $25 for whole year.


  • Going out once a week for dinner and drinks can easily set you back about $150- that’s $7800 a year! Just lower your budget by $50, and that’s a saving of $2600 already!


  • Cutting out a $20 brunch or dinner each week will save you $1040 a year


  • Skip the appetizers- You don’t really need one to feel full plus you’re saving up to $20 on your total bill.


  • Use your inbox- Sign up for coupons and subscribe to email alerts for your favourite restaurants and takeaway joints for all their exclusive deals or promotions


  • Go out a little bit earlier than usual and save with early bird specials


  • Instead of going out, invite your friends and family over to your place! Everyone can bring a plate to share instead of ordering overpriced and unhealthy takeaway.


  • Go out for lunch instead of dinner. It’s usually a cheaper menu option and you’re less likely to order extras like alcohol or desserts.


  • Bringing leftovers for lunch instead of buying that $10 lunch each day is a saving of $1300 a year. Prepare them the night before to make your mornings easier.


  • Bake your own snacks! A whole batch of muffins can cost you $5 to make as opposed to buying a single muffin at a café for the same price.


  • Avoid buying a drink with your meal. Often restaurants make a killing on that glass of coke or juice that you feel obliged to have with your food. Just stick to water and you’ll be surprised how much you can save


  • Ditch your credit card. Leave it at home before you head out for the night and only take the amount of cash you have budgeted to spend.


  • Australian portion sizes are pretty huge so why not save money by splitting your meal with a mate to save money and waste!