Unusual ways to make extra cash in Newcastle

7 quick and easy ways to boost your budget and make some fast cash

When you’re unemployed, a student, on Centrelink benefits or struggling to get by on a low income, you might be looking for extra cash in Newcastle.

Here’s some unusual and easy ways you could make extra cash in Newcastle

  1. Sell your stuff

  • One man’s trash is another man’s treasure – you’ll be surprised how much cash others might pay for your unwanted goodies!
  • Host a garage and list it on Gumtree under Newcastle area garage sales.
  • Or list your unwanted furniture or other items for sale on Gumtree or the Trading Post.
  1. Rent your spare room

  • A fast and easy way to get cash to help with the rent is to sublet a room.
  • Use sites like Flatmates or Real Estate to list and browse share accommodation options in Newcastle and the Hunter.
  1. Crafty and cashed up!

  1. Sell your skills

  • Got a skill you can make cash from? Perhaps you’re a talented wordsmith or a whizz at graphic design.
  • Use your skills to make cash online.
  • Promote your services amongst your network of contacts and check out the range of freelance work available online in the Newcastle area.
  1. Get arty

  • If you love illustrating or capturing interesting images with your camera, turn them into cash!
  • Register your images and creations online on sites like iStockPhoto.
  • You’ll earn cash every time someone uses your work.
  1. Do odd jobs

  1. Want to be paid to shop?

Still need some extra cash in Newcastle, fast?

  • If none of these ways to make fast extra cash are for you, and you need a bit more cash for an unexpected expense, City Finance understand and are here to help.
  • If you need a small cash loan to help you through, just pop in and visit our friendly staff at our Newcastle branch in Mayfield for a chat, or phone us on 1300 10 10 44.