Valentines gifts you can make yourself

Save your cash – the best things in life are free!

You don’t have a splash a load of cash to show your Valentine how much you care. Nothing says “I love you” more than a DIY gift. Not only are you using your time and talents to create a token of your love – you’ll save money and keep your gift on budget.

7 special DIY gifts you can create this Valentine’s Day

  1. Sweets for your sweetheart

The way to your Valentine’s heart is through…a lolly jar!

  • Make your Valentine a big jar of their favourite sweets and treats.
  • Then wrap it with a big red bow and top it off with a note telling them how much they mean to you.
  • Every time they dip in to grab a treat, they’ll think of you!
  1. A love cheque book!

Give them a gift that keeps on giving!

  • Create a homemade booklet of love coupons for your special someone to redeem whenever they feel like it!
  • Include coupons for treats you know your Valentine will enjoy. Think breakfast in bed, a candlelit home-cooked dinner, a foot massage – you’re only limited by your imagination!
  1. Give them a ‘time out’

No, we don’t mean sending them to the naughty corner!

  • Chances are your Valentine would love a little time to themselves – especially if they have kids!
  • Arrange for your Valentine to spend a day doing what they enjoy, with no interruptions allowed. Whether that’s a day at the beach or staying in their PJs to watch movies all day – make it happen!
  • Take care of the kids, cooking and housework, and let your Valentine bliss out for an entire day. They’ll love you for it!
  1. Float away with a bouquet

Forget about buying flowers on Valentine’s Day – they’re crazy expensive.

  • Make a balloon bouquet
  • Grab a packet of balloons and some ribbon from your supermarket.
  • Blow up a few red and pink balloons (or your Valentine’s favourite colours!) and tie together into a floating bouquet.
  1. Blissful bubbles

Who doesn’t love a relaxing bath? But who’s got time?!

  1. Love letters

Everyone loves a surprise!

  • Write and hide little love notes for your Valentine to discover throughout the day.
  • Under their pillow, inside the bathroom cabinet, in the car, and in their lunch. All day long you’ll be reminding them of how much they mean to you.

However you and your special someone celebrate your love together this Valentine’s Day, just remember – the best things in life are free!