Valentine’s Day ideas with small price tags!

Love it or hate it – it’s impossible to ignore it! Valentine’s Day is almost here and the stores are already reminding us that romance is supposed to be big business. Well, we’ve got news for them. Showing someone you care isn’t about splashing the cash. In fact, some of the biggest gestures come with the smallest price tags. Check these out.

Rustle up a romantic meal.

A romantic meal for two is one of life’s great pleasures, but you don’t have to pay top dollar at a restaurant to do it. Instead, recreate their favourite recipe at home and dial up the romance with some wine, candles and music. Of course, if you really want to make an occasion of it, why not suggest getting dressed for dinner?

Put it down in words.

How often do you tell your special someone how much they mean to you? Well, here’s your chance. Write a list of the things you love best about your partner, and put each one on a separate post-it note. Then arrange the notes in the shape of a heart (or their initials) somewhere they’ll see it – like a bathroom mirror. Then watch their face light up!

A digital detox for two.

The idea of a digital detox would have been laughable a few years back. These days, we sometimes seem more wedded to our smartphones than our partners! So why not mark Valentine’s Day this year by switching off your phones, tablets and TV and swapping them for candles, cuddles and conversation. You’ll soon remember why you first fell in love!

Go back to your ‘special place’.

Most couples will have a place that holds special memories for them, so why not take a trip down memory lane and revisit it. The location of your first date? Or that place where you watched the sun come up in the morning? Either way, revisiting is a great way of rekindling those thoughts of happiness and hope – while showing off your romantic side.

Create your own coupons.

If you’re feeling creative, why not design your own ‘Valentine’s Day Coupons’ for your loved one. There’s no shortage of things you can put on a coupon ­– like a shoulder massage, breakfast in bed, date night or an overnight stay somewhere special. They’ll be blown away with your thoughtfulness.

Remember, no matter what the shops say, there’s more to Valentine’s Day than cards, chocolates, perfume or jewellery. Real romance is about understanding what makes a person tick and creating a Valentine’s Day experience that’s unique to them. Put a little bit of thought and effort in now, and your loved one will remember it for a lifetime!