Volunteer work in your local Sydney community

Volunteer work in Sydney is easy when you use your time and talents

Got a little spare time on your hands to do some volunteer work? Whether you’re unemployed, a student, or retired, you know what it feels like to be down on your luck. But we all have something to we can offer our local Sydney CBD community – our time.

Volunteering isn’t just your opportunity to help make the world a better place. It can help you to feel happy and fulfilled knowing you’re making a real difference. You’ll meet amazing people, build work experience and learn valuable new skills.

Here’s some great ways you can help others in the Sydney CBD area

Jump in!

Keen to volunteer but not sure where to start?

  • Jump onto the nifty NSW Volunteering site for current listings of volunteer work.
  • You’ll find lots of info and inspiration on ways you can volunteer, from aged care or arts and culture through to health, the environment or emergency services.
  • The City of Sydney website has great info on local volunteering opportunities.
  • And check out the nifty Timebanking system, which allows you to exchange your volunteer work with others in the Sydney CBD community.

Love thy neighbour

  • Take the time to get to know your neighbours and exchange a smile and hello each day. And if you haven’t seen a neighbour in a while, drop by to check that they’re ok.
  • If you have an elderly, disabled or unwell neighbour, perhaps you could pop their bins out and check their mail.
  • Build a happy, connected neighbourhood – celebrate Neighbour Day this Sunday 26th March! Organise an event in your street – grab your free kit here!

Fun and fitness for kids

The PCYC in Sydney CBD aim to give kids the opportunities they need to become great adults,

  • Volunteers like you can help deliver sport, recreation and leadership development programs. Or offer assistance with admin, customer service and property maintenance.
  • You can get some valuable workplace skills and help support Sydney’s youth to reach their full potential!
  • To get involved, contact the PCYC in Redfern, Woolloomooloo, Glebe – Leichardt, Marrickville or the Eastern Suburbs.

Help the homeless

  • Get involved with local organisations who provide meals and support services to those around the Sydney CBD area who are homeless or at risk.
  • Groups you can donate your time to include St Vincent de Paul’s Sydney Night Patrol, The Station, and Birds of Passage.
  • These services are always looking for more generous volunteers to help those most in need in our community.

Get sporty!

Got a passion for sport? Get involved by volunteering at your local sports club.

  • Sports of all codes are always looking for volunteers to help out with committees, grounds maintenance, coaching and managing teams.
  • Whatever sport you have a passion for contact your local club for info on how you can volunteer.

Meals on Wheels

  • Whether it’s cooking in the community kitchen, driving or delivering meals to those in need, join the thousands of volunteers who support the valuable Meals on Wheels service.
  • This service is not only about delivering delicious, nutritious meals to those in need. It’s as much about being a smiling, friendly face and providing valuable social interaction.
  • To help out at Sydney locations including Newtown, Marrickville, St Peters and Surry Hills, contact Meals on Wheels.

And many more!

  • Sites like Go Volunteer list loads of local volunteer positions in the Sydney CBD area.

Get involved and start making a positive difference through volunteer work in your local Sydney CBD community today!

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