Your landlord should pay a bond too

Making sure maintenance and repairs happen faster

A third of us Aussies rent the home we live in. As a tenant, you’ll know how frustrating it can be when there’s constant delays and hassles over maintenance issues with your rental property.

Renters have rights!

  • When your rental property needs repairs, you need your landlord to act quickly.
  • But tenants are often left in limbo. Many tenants experience frustrating delays waiting for landlords to act on requests for maintenance.
  • It shouldn’t have to be this hard! All tenants deserve a safe and well-maintained home.

A bond for landlords

  • A proposed solution to the issue is for landlords to pay a bond, just like tenants have to.
  • The landlord’s bond would be paid into a ‘sinking fund’, to be used by the Property Manager when tenants make requests for reasonable repairs and maintenance.
  • The landlord could be required to pay a rental bond of a percentage of the usual monthly rental income, up to a capped amount per year.
  • The landlord’s bond would be held to cover ongoing repair and maintenance costs.

Doing away with delay

  • Having a small pool of funds on hand to cover costs would mean Property Managers could act immediately on repair requests.
  • This would remove the often lengthy delays waiting for landlords. They take forever to respond to repair requests – or refuse to approve them.
  • It would be a win for tenants who could rest easy knowing they won’t have the hassle of waiting for simple issues to be fixed.
  • It would also make life easier for Property Managers. They’ll be able to get on with the job of managing properties properly and efficiently, instead of chasing up landlords for the cash to carry out repairs.

It’s only fair, right?

  • After all, if as a tenant you have to cough up four weeks rent as a bond at the start of a tenancy, shouldn’t your landlord have to do the same?
  • Both parties could rest easy knowing there’s some cash tucked away to cover costs if either of you don’t honour your end of the deal.

Your landlord’s responsibilities

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